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cur18 - July 28

Hello I'm new to this forum.I would like to know if anbody with fibro has taken lyrica? I just started the first dose last night and this morning I felt better. I feel a little sluggish but I think it goes away after you take it for a little while. If anyone has taken lyrica for a while I would like to know how it has helped or hurt.


Fantod - August 5

I have been using gabapentin for a couple of months. It is a nerve pain med like Lyrica but cheaper. I think that it has helped me. I take it at night too which helps me sleep. I had intractable pain in my lower back and legs prior to starting this medication. I am fairly intolerant to meds so I can't increase the doseage (100 mg). My pain level is better most days with gabapentin as opposed to going without it. I feel sluggish in the morning too. The only issue I am aware of with Lyrica is weight gain. Best of luck to you.


islandguy - August 5

I am also new to this forum. I have taken Lyrica up to 600mg per day. It made me dizzy and very nauseated. I had no difference in the pain level and it seemed to make me feel worse. The reports that I have heard is that everyone is different on the reaction of this drug.
Just because it didn't work for me doesn't mean that you will not be successful with it.
Good luck....


BreeZ - August 5

I too have been taking gabapentin.. the cheaper version of Lyrica and i can tell a huge difference in some areas. The pain i was feeling in my knees has improved tremendously and it also helps me sleep.. I've been taking 600 mgs per day also. At first was having problems with feeling groggy and drugged but now after being on it for several months. i can only say it's helping me..


linda brown - October 31

i've taken it and has had no relief in pain, but everyone is different, good luck


coop - November 3

I've been on Lyrica for 6 weeks now. Started at 75mg twice a day,bumped doses 75mg after every 2 weeks,Friday will start 300mg twice a day.
At first it just made me really LOOPY. That got better after first week,when pain relief started. It has taken my pain from a constant 7 or 8 down to a sporadic2 or 3. I had a bad few hours last week when the weather turned cold + rainy,but it was not nearly as bad as it used to be. I don't know if it will last, but it is a God send right now!(I have had almost constant pain especially in legs for years) Hope you have similar good results.


J em - November 5

Hi, I've had fybro for almost 30 years and Lyrica is the 1st med. that I have found that has actually worked. I have found the any side effects do go away. The best medicine is being able to pace yourself, lol this is usually easier said than done.



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