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Lyme is epidemic -- Fibro identical symptoms
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nenaya - March 5

I am new to this group and joined to pass on some info...I have been diagnosed (after a great amount of difficulty and ensuing financial ruination) with LYME disease -- by a LLMD aka Lyme specialist -- after TWO false negative tests. There is massive ignorance on the part of much of the medical mainstream re. Lyme.

Check out this trailer for the new Lyme documentary "Under Our Skin." (I am not allowed to give the website url here, but a Google search will bring it right up.)

For general, CURRENT Lyme info, check out ILADS.
Just Google,again. It ends with "org."

Read Dr. Burrascano's guidelines. Print them out and bring to your doctor. We "Lymies" have to get used to helping educate our doctors. Until this happens, lots of us will do crazy things like spend $125,000 from selling our homes before we can get decent diagnosis and treatment.

It's ridiculous that LYME is an EPIDEMIC right now, and yet much of the medical mainstream seems COMPLETELY IGNORANT of this fact!!! How can this be??? One wonders, though... Let's face it: people with vague "diagnoses" of Fibromyalgia become cash cows for the pharma industry. Odd coincidence, eh?

FYI Many top Lyme specialists diagnose empirically--based on symptoms--because of the known *gross inaccuracy* of most commonly-administered Lyme tests. Response to treatment also tells if you're on the right track or not.

The tests are there for those who have the money...your insurance company will likely not cover much of these, though. Ditto with paying for an LLMD.

I am begging you to dig a little deeper, do some research.... and see what the actual state of Lyme disease is. Awareness is growing exponentially. Do not buy that 'fibromyalgia" BS without doing some digging on your own, please... unless you are okay with landing in a wheelchair at some point. LYME will keep advancing if not treated.

If you're broke and sick, check out MMS. It's a chlorine dioxide solution you can use to self-treat until the mainstream medical community catches up enough to diagnose and treat you for Lyme.

No offense to this site, but it infuriates me to read that "fibromyalgia is commonly misdiagnosed as Lyme." It's THE OTHER WAY AROUND, people!!

In fact, I am firmly convinced that nearly ALL "fibromyalgia" is just undiagnosed Lyme.

There are FAR more *false negatives* than "false positives" A CD57 immune band test can tell you conclusively if you have Lyme, but unfortunately won't tell you anything about the numerous coinfections that almost always are transmitted along with Lyme. (Babesia, Bartonella, Ehrlichia, mycoplasmas, etc etc.)

Steer clear of IDSA -- Their "guidelines" are unconscionably outdated, inaccurate, and flat-out ridiculous. I have researched Lyme in depth for 6 years (I have a strong science background in addition to personal incentive.)

Again---Contrary to what this Fibro site says, *Lyme is routinely misdiagnosed as Fibromyalgia*, -- as well as Parkinsons (Check Michael J. Fox's story) ALS, MS, and other major illnesses.

*EVERY SINGLE SYMPTOM* people are mentioning here is a LYME DISEASE SYMPTOM; I know this firsthand.

Okay, I don't know how long my post will stay here, but I hope this helps somebody.

Good luck to all of you.


terryleewolf41 - July 8

i have had babesia and ehlichia and lyme and some doc dont belive that if you have had babesia and ehrlichia and the hide and the blood test dont show this so it makes you wonder what you have



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