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Lyle and Barbar, both from Detriot,
2 Replies
andi - January 14

I was re-directed to this site after not having been here in weeks.
It's been brought to my attention that many people from this site have infiltrated the forum I now go to. I'm amazed at how some of you guys have abused our privileged right to commiserate over what we "supposedly" share in common...........FMS.

First off.........I live in a suburb of Detroit and want to make it totally clear that I have NEVER had anything to do with these people from Detroit...............and anything to do with the chananigins. No one has accused me of this, but just SEEING that these people are from MY physical location wierds me out!
My leaving this site was due to the fact that the "fights" had started.
Recently, and after I left here...............people posted of someones death/suicide at the forum I now am at. I was extremely ticked off at this post! First off, I have been effected my TWO suicides in my my 1st husbands nephew and another my stepson. I don't take this lightly,..............EVER! AND........ anyone wanting to post that they are DEAD!....give me a break you wierdo!
I refrained from responding to this post at the site I go to, because I didn't want to continue and bring the "poison" into it.

I feel for the people in HERE who are seriously trying to heal themselves and look for support. Those of you who change names and post lies can't possibly be hurting. You wouldn't have the energy to dispell these lies and waste others time.

I don't belong here...and thats why I'm not here..........but please, if you choose other forums, like the one I go to, please come in with sincerity and a desire to be part of a support group........not some evildoer and liar!

Lastly, had "whoever" committed the heck would you really know anyway. I sincerely doubt that you'd ever even know.......especially a day or 2 later that "whoever" DIED!! ........or killed themself.
Most of the people here really hurt and want help and support. Don't let them down and inflict your insincerity and poison on them.....and for God's sake..........stay away from the fairly pleasant place I go to now.
AMEN..........have a great Sunday


Iori - January 15

hi andi, don't worry you're probably pretty safe.... Detroit is pretty big isn't it? LOL. I remember when you used to post out here.... its too bad you can't stick around (but i totally get why) you recommended some good books and were always so kind and supportive to other people. I am really sorry about your stepson & nephew, you are so right, suicide is never something to play mindgames about. I still can't believe anyone would... its really gross. anyway, take care of yourself.


Lyle Anderson - January 18

WHAT IS GOING ON!!!????!! Don't think some other lame chick because I'm from the same city as whoever she is. I assure you, I am a dude---straight up!! With all the equipment and very much alive and well!!! I am nobody else but me and only me. I don't know whether barbar is alive or dead or from Detroit or Boston or Newbury, New Zealand, but don't make such bad conclusions. This is ++++ WOW ++++ weird!!



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