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Lycrica TV Commercial
5 Replies
Fantod - February 24

Does anyone else find the Lyrica television ad rather whiney? I get irritated every time I see it. Aside from performing a valuable public service to acknowledge the existence of FMS, I hate it. It barely scratches the surface of with FMS. I grant you that 60 seconds is not much to convey the message. I just think the ad campaign would have been more believable and better served to have used real people coping with this issue. Any other opinions out there?


kbyrum - February 28

Most of those pharmaceutical commercials are cheesy... They act like their pill is going to make everything GREAT!


doll1966 - February 28

I haven't posted in a while because i was feeling ok for about 4 months, but i was also taking generic vicodin, 80 mgs a day. That twitching you mentioned in a different post was finally gone(looked it up on line and there is a relation to it ) My dr then felt that i shouldn't be taking so much, so i'm now weaning from it and that twitching/nerve pain is back. I tried Lyrica back in August. At first I thought it was working, then all those nasty side effects came, and in addition to the twitching my whole body was jerking constantly. Horrible medicine, and even worse to wean from. The commercial is very fake, and maybe if they used real people in real pain, it would come across more believable. I am sick of going to doctors who brush me off (have been for the past 20 years). I was finally diagnosed in September, but the rheumo didn't treat it. I have an appt with a new one on Thurs. I hope she takes me seriously. Friends, family and outsiders just don't understand. I was at an orthopedist this past monday (I also have disc and arthritis problems in my neck and lower back) so I thought I would mention my fibro symptoms to him. He actually told me that my pain was due to past emotional problems that i most likely surpressed all these years and is manifesting in physical symptoms. Besides not even knowing me, the man didn't even put his hands on me to examine me. If this horrible condition was advertised to the public the right way, and more drs were educated about it, we wouldn't have to suffer so bad.


tnichel - February 28

Doll, I so know what you are going through. I've seen 2 rheumatologists so far. The first one diagnosed me but doesn't treat fm. The 2nd blew off most of my symptoms and won't give me any pain medicine. I had to keep a diary for 3 months of my daily pain and symptoms before he took me seriously. He put me on lyrica, which I'm taking now. I too thought it was working but it seems to be losing it's affectiveness after 2 weeks and just makes me sleepy. I now have an appt. for next week to see a 3rd rheumatologist. Maybe 3 is really a charm but at this point it's hard to remain positive. And yes, the lyrica ad is kind of corny and I'm upset it made me believe it worked really well. Instead I'm going broke trying to pay for all the meds and then I find out lyrica is $50 a month through my insurance co. The makers of lyrica just wanted to find a way to pull in more money and they're doing it. My doctor said the should stop spendign the money on the ad campagin and put more into researching fm.


debbort - February 29

I think the brings attention to some of the symptoms that we suffer. When my husband saw the ad he said, "that sounds like you". I wouldn't try the medicine because of the side effects they mention.


Jewell - February 29

Yes, wouldn't it be nice to use real people with FMS on these commercials, I can totally agree with that. My mom got on it the first of the year and it has helped her, then I went to the Dr a few weeks ago and got samples for 2 weeks and all it did was cause more pain especially at night and most of all, I could barely function 24/7!!! It made me so tired and doppy. So, I'm not taking it now. I guess those who can tolerate it,I'm happy for them, but we are all different in how we tolerate meds. I really thought it would help me, I'm just glad my mom is tolerating it well and it helps her.



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