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Lupus or Fibro
3 Replies
kathkevin9 - September 10

I've had Lupus for about 8 years. I've been lucky with not many flares over the first 5 years. Started having severe debilitating pain...assumed it was all Lupus. I was diagnosed with Fibro about 8 months ago. The pain is so bad at times that I can't stand up. I know that is not uncommon. I have tried so many meds over the years, with no relief, but many horrible side effects. I have been on neurotin since last August when I had to have spinal fusion surgery.
The only time I can function is when I am taking Vicodin but am worried that I will become addicted. I have to take Ambien to get to sleep, but the pain wakes me. Oh yeah, I also tore (100%) my achilles tendon so I am getting no exercise.
My spouse has tuned out because he can't deal with my illnesses.
Any feedback or suggestions?


kiddle - September 10

My poor dear, you indeed suffer along with the rest of us and I feel your pain. My doctor told me that it is not uncommon that once you have one autoimmune disease that another one of similar type will pop up. I was on Neurotin until just recently when they switched me over to Lyrica. Lyrica is the 1st drug that the FDA has officially announced as a drug to treat Fibro. Ask your doctor about it, it is similar to Neurotin but better, so there shouldn't be any side effects. As for your hubby, all I can say is that when we suffer from a chronic illness, it seems to be even harder on our loved ones, my 15 yr old daughter feels like she needs to take care of me, which is just heartbreaking but all the talking in the world to her won't change how she feels. I would have a real solid sit down with hubby, get it all out in the open, and after that, maybe not talk about the disease so much but make hubby aware that you do need help, and yes I know, it's VERY difficult to ask for help. You may also want to talk to your doctor about Humira. It's a treatment for Rheumatoid arthritis but has shown excellent results with Fibro patients and SLE sufferers. I wish you all the best dear one, you certainly need it.


nburnett5 - September 19

Wow Kiddle, ur so comforting. Your answer even made me feel better. And Im also on Lyrica. Iove it. I finally sleep through the night and feel little pain when I awak. Of course as the day goes on I begin to feel all the aches back. I live in Florida and the rain has been constant all day. It may be that the weather is making things a little unbearable
Do you know if there is a Lyrica like med for day?? orgot to ask my Doc?


Robin1237 - September 20

Yes. You might have Lyme disease. Check out and see what you think about all the discussion about symptoms.



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