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Lump in middle of finger and so much pain.
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fibromite.u.k. - July 19

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me with this. I have developed a very hard lump on my little finger that is very painful. It is under the skin, not on top of it, and is in the middle of my finger between the middle and top joints. I have shown it to three different doctors and they don't seem to be bothered about it, one said it is arthritis, one said a nodule and one said a cyst. It is so painful that when it is touched I nearly jump through the roof! I avoid shaking hands and can't even hold hands with my husband any more. I am sure the lump is getting bigger, and the pain is definately getting worse, as the pain from it now reaches up to my elbow. My other fingers are painful on the joints, but this is different and none of my other fingers have lumps like this. Does anyone else have anything like this? of heard of anything like it? I just don't feel that I am getting anywhere with doctors. Please help if you can.


ufdacentral - July 19

Hi fibromite--I have a lump like that on my left hand...middle finger. It is a very hard lump and just below the joint closest to the end of my finger. There was a time when it first showed up, it was very painful...I went to the doctor, she had an X-ray done and said it was osteoarthritis and I would need to learn to live with it. I wrapped my hand in a heating pad and soaked my hand in hot water whenever I could. It seemed to help relive the pain for short periods of time. After time the pain got better, but every now and then it will flare up again a cause pain in my finger and all the way up my arm to my elbow.
I hope this helps you..take care. blessings


Noca - July 20

I have lumps(tumors) in my hands on my fingers from my bone disease. They are quite painful and make writing more than half a page really hard. I am going to have surgery on them eventually to remove the tumors but I know what it feels like to have pain in your hands.

To treat the pain, I type instead of write. I use Dilaudid and used to have some Pennsaid to put on them to help with the pain.


kvc33 - July 20

Sounds like the nodules found with rheumatoid arthritis. Google that and see what you can learn about it.


fibromite.u.k. - July 20

Hi ufdacentral and Noca, thanks for your answers. The tumors you have Noca sound awful, how will they remove them? just cut them out? I have been to see my doctor today about the lump as it is definately getting bigger and more painful and she seemed to take it more seriously this time. I now have to see an orthopedic surgeon about it and see what they think. I also have a big lump on the joint of my big toe and that is getting bigger and more painful too, so I have to see the surgeon about both things. I haven't heard of the two drugs that Noca mentions, but we probably don't have them in the U.K. Thanks for responding to me.


Noca - July 21

fibromite.u.k. - Dilaudid is Hydromorphone and Pennsaid is a topical NSAID Diclofenac, the same active ingredient in F


Noca - July 21

..Flector patches



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