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lower leg pain
7 Replies
nessnz - May 6

Hi everyone,
I have only just found this site, but have been diagnosed with FM for 10 years now (I am 38). My probem is my increased leg pain. I had occasionally had severe leg pain on some nights if I had been on my feet for too long during the day, but for the last month my legs have been extremely sore every single day.

The pain is from my knees down. It feels like my knees are burning and then below the knees my skin changes from tingling/feeling like something is crawling on it, and burning pain. The pain feels like it is radiating from the bones in my legs, and my feet ache and ache. I have a lot of medication on hand and nothing has helped this so far, even oxycontin.

Does anyone else have this? I really need some ideas about coping with this new constant pain.


Pikespeak - May 6

Hi! I have had plantar fasciitis in my feet for about 7 years now. It was so bad at one time that I wore a brace on my right ankle. A sports massage therapist explained that I have myofascial pain, which wasn't allowing my muscles to move properly. To relieve the pain, I had to have a series DEEP massage BETWEEN the muscles, which was very painful (but effective!). I also do stretching of my feet, legs, hamstrings EVERY DAY, which seems to help tremendously (Look on YOUTUBE for stretching). Find a massage therapist in your area that works with clients who have fibromyalgia. Custome-made SOFT orthotics (mine are made of cork) for your shoes make a huge difference too. IMHO, don't waste your time/$$ with doctors or physical therapists--most just want to operate or give you a series of exercises to follow. Let us know how you're doing!


genie - May 6

Hi Im genie, Ive just registered with this forum and find it unbelieveable that there are others who are suffering with this condition. I was diagnosed 6 months ago, however I beleive I may have had this condition for nearly four years now.

I do suffer with all the symptoms you have described on a daily basis. The only way I cope is to have a soak every evening in the bath with warm water. I find it very soothing and it changes the sensations in my legs which gives some temporary relief. On the occassions that I cant go into the bath due to fatigue I would use the shower hose on my legs. Hoping this works for you!


Fantod - May 6

nessnz - Welcome to the board!

The sensations that you describe - tingling, burning and crawling are usually associated with nerve pain. This is a "perk" associated with Fibromyalgia (FMS).

I'd recommend that you talk to your doctor about these symptoms. There are medications like gabapentin that can help with this problem. Take care.


January - May 7

Hi nessnz - I thought of diabetic neuropathy, though hopefully this isn't you. Still, I'd get my blood sugar checked just to rule it out. Another possibility is peripheral artery disease - and until you can rule that out, I would stay away from massage in the area. It could also be a nerve injury, since you say the pain is only from your knees down. When pain is localized to a certain part of the body like this, it can be because the nerve root is injured - but usually one side is worse than the other. Google "dermatomes" and it will show you what level of the spinal cord could have an injury that is causing the pain - see if it lines up with the pain you are feeling. These are just a few suggestions… Also, read up on the side effects of ANY meds you are taking and see if this is mentioned. I wouldn't just write it off to fibro without getting a good workup. And… check your Vit. D levels. I've heard of some people with similar pain being helped with Vit. D-3.

I think the main thing is to get a proper diagnosis - that helps you figure out which treatment would be best, and can keep you from making things worse. (But I agree with others here, be careful that some dr. doesn't railroad you into treatments you don't need).

And welcome to genie. I think a lot of us have fibro for many years before we get diagnosed! Some people get relief from soaking in Epsom Salts - don't know if you've tried this…?

Pikespeak, where'd you get the cork orthotics? That sounds like a great idea.

Fibro awareness day is coming up! Just this one day, let's tell our friends and family how we REALLY feel!


Pikespeak - May 8

Hi January! You're right about being careful of massage. I just remember the royal-run-around with doctors and physical for the cork orthodics, I had them made here in Colorado Springs. I had had hard orthotics which were not helping. ProFoot? makes some o.k. ones that you can buy at Walgreens for under $10. I use them in my dress shoes. A good shoe repair place CAN put arch supports in your favorite sandals. The arches (in several heights) can be bought by the repair guy, glued in and covered with leather to match your shoe! Well worth doing to feel great and summery! BTW, I just saw a TV commercial for new orthodics that Dr. Scholl's is promoting. Might be worth a look! My custom-made ones ran $300!


January - May 8

Hi pikespeak - I ordered some orthotics a couple years ago, and I think they help a lot if I'm going to be on my feet for a while. I've never heard of the cork ones though. I see you posted about them...

Yeah, the sad truth is - we all get the royal run around these days. I haven't been in school for a while, but I'd like to know what they are teaching doctors these days…they seem to be so very limited when it comes to diagnosing anything. Especially anything unusual. Maybe those old-fashioned classes have been replaced with things like "how to run your business" and "marketing your services." One of the worst doctors I ever went to was a Harvard grad.


pammy - June 9

hi all new on here. just been told i have fm and man it dam hurts like hell had to give my jib up as just could not do it any more every one notice that i was getting very slow at walking and doing things.
my hubby would walk me home at night and ask me why i was walking so slow i told him that my feet felt like they was on fire and my carlf muscles had gone rock sold like i had heavey weights on them.
at night my feet and legs where so restless.
i am now in a wheel chair as can not do much these days.

i do have days when i have had just enough of it all and want it to end x



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