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Low White Blood Cell Count
9 Replies
JJ1 - July 25

I am getting frequent complete blood counts (CBC) due to problems with anemia. My white blood cell count (WBC) is consistently on the low side, sometimes lower than the lower end of the normal range. This was the case yesterday, however, I am recovering from a sore throat, probably viral in nature, and have read that viral infections can lower the WBC. But since mine is consistently low I was wondering if there is a link between this and fibromyalgia and if anyone else is experiencing low WBCs on their blood tests. I have not found anything when I google "fibromyalgia low white blood cell count".


tnichel - September 7

I have a low WBC. So does my dad. After a year of testing and getting my blood drawn weekly... an internal medicine doctor told me a study in europe determined that african americans typically have a lower wbc. Another doctor agreed with that theory. Now if you're not african american, then I don't know what to tell you. My dad doesn't have fm.


JJ1 - September 7

I am not of African descent. I wonder why this would be true only in African Americans and not Africans who immigrated to other countries - or maybe it does but the study was only on Africans from the Americas???? I asked the hematologist I see about my low counts and she said that even though my WBC is low, it is usually within the acceptable range, just at the lower end of it, so she wasn't concerned about it.


dalejr62 - September 7

I think Im anemic also. I am going to the doctor next week. I will ask him to check my white blood count and see. I will get back to you on this. We can compare notes.


nburnett5 - September 19

My (WBC) is also low. I posed this queston in the forum too. I have an anemia and my Hema and Rheuma Doc r still trying to figure this one out. My ferritin levels are low. Probably depleted in some area of vitamins.

I take my B-12 and a good multi-vitamin.
Along with my low white blood count, I have a problem with bruising and purpura (which is the bleeding underneath the skin and it looks purple) So this is why I went to the Hema.
He sent me to the Rheuma doc because of all the muscle and joint pain, but didnt equate it with fibromyalgia or rheumatoid arthritis. I do have fibro and chronique fatigue. Im waiting on blood work for lupus too.


JJ1 - September 19

nburnett5, I have symptoms much like you but do not have the bruising. Are you by any chance taking proton-pump inhibitors (Nexium, Prevacid, etc) for gastric reflux? I suspect that these may be contributing to my anemia.


tnichel - September 20

rburnnet... sounds like you have a lot going on with your health. I'm not saying the doctor who told me about the study was correct in his assumption. It's just one of a few possible answers. That and I refused to be lab rat b/c my wbc was low. I was running out of veins to poke.
But I do tend to bruise easy and my skin breaks easily as well. I always have a number of cuts and scrapes on my body. Maybe I'll check with my rheumatologist. I never thought the symptoms were worth bringing up.

QUESTION: Do those of you with a low wbc get sick often? I mean run of the mills illnesses like the cold and flu? I have never had the flu and haven't had a cold since early high school. It's mostly sinus infections and occasional bronchitis.


JJ1 - September 20

Surprisingly, considering the low WBC, I don't get sick too much. I do get that "feel like I am coming down with the flu" feeling only for it to disappear without ever getting the flu, which is supposed to be characteristic of FM. In the last 6 mo. I have had a viral throat infection and stomach flu.


nburnett5 - September 20

JJ1, hey there.
No Im not on any meds but what I was given for Fibro. Lyrica.
Tnichel: My anemia has been a problem with me since I can remember, especially with the my 3 pregnancies.
Then it got better. But I was able to tell about a year ago, at the gym, I would bruise at any little bump into a machine or whatever and big ugly bruises would form, sometimes having no idea where they came from. so I knew my anemia was back. And I started becoming way too tired, I could sleep for days. Then came the purple blood spots. So all the Hema could say about the white BC was that I have an anemia.
Im a vegetarian So I eat all of the neccessary foods to help me with iron n get enough proteins. Take all of my vitamins. Dont know why my white counts are low at this point. Im thankful my reds aren't too low or that would be a whole other ball game.
And my symtoms are like JJ1, I feel that im about to get the flu or somehting bad and it tapers off as if my body has fought it off. Very weird. But when I do get sick, im down for the count...


dani42 - September 23

I have low WBC, even went to a hematologist and said by the looks of all past tests, the numbers being low are normal for me. Also he said if you have digestive issues that can cause low WBC.



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