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Low Vitamin B levels / Magnesium
5 Replies
Cher0208 - February 16

So a friend of mine told me a few months ago that her close friend who was in her twenties was diagnosed with the onset of MS. She was experiencing constant and worsening numbness in her legs and feet. I saw my friend again tonight and asked her how her friend is. She tells me that she is fine and that they found that she had a low level of B vitamins. There is no MS and she feels great, I'm assuming on some type of supplement. At the onset of my symptoms I had many blood tests done and one of them came back with my B vitamins levels being too high. I don't know...I can't help but hope something like that will happen to all of us! A doctor could find something stupid missing in our diets or whatever and then we take a vitamin and this whole night mare goes away and life returns to normal. I still have that hope. I'm so happy for her though, what a relief it must be.

Anyway, I bought liquid Magnesium at the Vitamin Shoppe. Here's to a good nights sleep with relaxed muscles.

I have heard that fibromyalgia sufferer's may have low vitamin B levels, low vitamin D levels and I think also low magnesium? Have to do more research and maybe get another blood test. We'll see.


seedbeads - February 16

I know I'm missing out on a few vitamins/minerals. I don't eat a lot of produce in the winter and I don't eat dairy or a lot of meat. I wonder if taking a B-complex would help. I do take magnesium and vitamin D when I start to feel really bad and it does help. I have a friend who was dx'd a couple years ago and she takes magnesium daily and she feels a lot better.

I'd love to get my levels tested but I can't afford to - provincial health care doesn't cover those tests.


Cher0208 - February 16

Hey Seedbeads,

Check to see if there are any free clinics around you or something. I had to pay when this all began because I had no health insurance but it was only $100. I thought it was going to be around $700. If you're low in B vitamins then your body isn't absorbing nutrients which will cause your body to attack itself after some time. So it's worth getting it checked out.


Fantod - February 16

It is very important to include folic acid when taking Vitamin B. Folic aid helps your body to absorb it. Take care.


mdak - February 16

seebeads-I know in our snall town we have seveal places that do blood work. If you go to a big known company lab, they will be very expensive or at your dr's office. Just call around in your town and look up labatories. Find out the cost and do some homework. We have some good places that are hunderds of dollars cheaper. I did lose my medical insurance and I have done this. It shocks you on the differece you were paying in the dr's office to get it drawn. It might take a day or 2 longer to get the results.


January - February 17

Hi - mdak, I left you a post about magnesium under the fibro support heading, thread about pain clinic. In that post, I put some info about the dangers of having TOO MUCH magnesium and that is serious.

Also, it is important to have your kidney function checked because kidneys are involved in magnesium processing in the body. IF you have kidney problems and don't know, you could set yourself up for an overdose of magnesium.

I am no expert in magnesium, but I know it's an electrolyte that has to be carefully balanced and needs to stay in a specific range, not too high, not too low. Be careful about taking it - don't overdo it. (Yeah, we know, check with your doctor! LOL!)



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