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Low Progesterone
3 Replies
ccc - April 17

Just wondering if anyone has been tested for their hormone levels. I got diagnosed with Fibro a few months ago. I have been to the Dr. at least 20 times in the past 6 months. I finially asked them to check my hormone levels and comes back that i am severly deficient on progesterone. I am only 39 years old. My progesterone level is lower that someone that has already gone through menopause. My doctor suggested that i try progesterone cream which I am looking forward to doing. I guess the bottle says to start it on the 12th day of your menustral cycle.

I wonder if this is the cause of most of my fibro symptoms! I guess being low on progesterone has very similiar symptoms to Fibro. Sharing this with everyone - simple blood test from your doctor will be able to tell you where you are at!


axxie - April 18

Hi ccc, thank goodness you asked, I keep telling everyone to get their progesterone level checked, especially if you are not yet menopause.

He has been following me for 10 months, so far, he upped my thyroid from 125 to 137 not a big change but enough to give me more energy. He put me on progesterone and Ralivia for my pain.

So far it's good. He doesn't believe in the new antidepressant that suppose to help you with pain, he say's those are not what is needed for fibromyalgia, he say's the reason we go into a depression, is because we are not getting restor sleep, thus the pain becomes unbearable and spiral down.

He keeps advocating that hormones for men or women and a few good pain relief will do wonders.

At first you may find, you have sweats, quite normal or you may find yourself to be a little aggressive. All can be managed, by using a little less of the cream he recommended.

Let me know how you are.


unruhka - October 22

I've been wondering the same thing. I started researching low libido and saw it was related to low progesterone. Well, that made since, because I'd had endometriosis for years and horrible pain and I took progesterone cream a few times and the pain was gone! So, I started looking over symptoms of low progesterone, and would you believe they fit with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome!! I'm picking up a tube today!


unruhka - October 22

Ugh. Sense, not since. Also found out that estogen dominance seems to get worse right after you start taking progesterone in some women and takes a couple of weeks to normalize. Also seems to work for some women for PCOS.



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