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Low grade fevers
9 Replies
Stephanie417 - October 19

My normal body temperature used to faithfully be between 96.9 and 97.5, and now, no matter how I my be feeling, even when i feel great, my temperature is from 98.7 to 99.3 .. it scares me a bit, just wondering if anyone else has had a radical normal body temp change.. ITs been higher now for about 7 months, soon after I was diagnosed with Fibro.. any input would be helpful !! THanks !


carm - October 19

When I am having a bad pain day my temp goes up. Last time at the doctor I was 99.0 when I normally run about 96.8 - 97.0. I think pain can cause a fever. It seemed to in my Mother.


shellthom - October 26

This is THE reason it took me so long to be diagnosed with Fibro. No doctors knew that fevers were common with Fibro, so they kept searching for other reasons for the fevers. I finally went to a Rheumatologist that said that 9 out of 10 of her Fibro patients complained of low-grade fevers. As with you Stephanie, my normal temp is below 98.6, but when I am having a flare-up, it is between 99 - 101. I am curious to know if my doc's statements are true because until her, no other docs (including 2 other Rheumatologists) knew that fevers were an associated Fibro symptom!


Virg - October 26

I've had low grade fevers it seems like forever. The temp in the home is always going up and down to accomadate my temp. Drives my guy batty.


andi - October 27

I've also have low grade fevers. My normal temp is about 98.2, so when I hit 99, I feel awful.


barbar - October 27

Years ago, I ran a low grade fever, 99, all the time. Now my regular temperature is about 97 and I rarely, if ever, get fevers, even when I am really sick. It may well be that fibro has some systemic impact of our body temperatures.


Kimber2270 - October 27

I sometimes get them with a flareup but my normal body temp had been running 97.1-97.3. Now since I am on Armour Thyroid, my body temp is getting more towrds normal. It is now at 98.2.


Lynne-FT - October 28 I have this posted on my site and explains why and what causes temp variations.


TERESA - October 28

Stephanie, are you a smoker? I run a low grade fever all the time! I am a smoker & this is why. Most but not all smokers (especially if you are a long time smoker) will run a low grade ( 98.7-100) fever! Hope this helps!!


TERESA - October 29

That should have read..especially if you are NOT a long time smoker!



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