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Low grade fever...
9 Replies
cwashburne - October 20

Hello all...I am new here, and have a question. I have read on many different websites that low grade fever can be a symptom of fibromyalgia. I am wondering how many of you have this symptom as well. I am in the process of getting in to see a Rheumatologist, and starting the "ruling out" phase of getting diagnosed. I have all the symptoms of fibro...just gotta get the diag. So, anyone with low grade fever (99.0-100.6)? Thank you.


cwashburne - October 21



Fantod - October 21

Yes , sometimes I run a low grade fever . I'm not sure if it is FMS related. I do have a mild but chronic infection in one lung that will not go away no matter what is done. For the most part "we" coincide peacefully but it is a constant worry as I am allergic to most medication. You might try googling "low grade fever fibromyalgia" to see what pops up. A low grade fever can certainly be a symptom for some other problem (like mine). Take care.


cwashburne - October 23

Thank you for your answer...they don't think I have any infection because all my blood work is normal (white and red blood cell count is totally normal). They also did a Rheumatoid factor which was normal, and my Sed rate was at 22 (normal is 0-20), which they are not worried about. So now I am just waiting to see the Rheumatologist next Friday, and see what he wants to do. Any other suggestions??


tnichel - October 23

Yes. I typically run low-grad fevers. That's how I know I'm going into a flare or have an infection. But it's always very low. 98.7-99.1 My doc says temps are typicall high in the afternoon. The reason for that I could not tell you. 98.6 is the standard but not for everyone it maybe normal for you to run slightly low or slightly higher than that. I took my temp 3 times a day for a month and recorded it for my doc. Maybe you should try that.


cwashburne - October 24

Thank you tnichel! I have a low grade fever every time I, or my doc, takes my temp. It's weird. It started in July. Before that my temp was always normal at 98.6 or so. So it's just so confusing. I hope the Rheumatologist can tell me what is going on...cuz my family doc can't figure it out. All my blood tests are normal, so they are confused also!


jacobea - October 26

A low grade fever was the first thing the rhuemo asked me if had. He used it to diagnose me with me fibro, so i guess it's all part and parcel. I get it on and off for no apparent reason, like chest pain.


cwashburne - October 26

Thank you for your answer Jacobea. I have an appt. with the Rheumatologist Friday. Can't wait to start getting some answers.


Fantod - October 26

cwashburne - This is off topic but I was looking at another question you posted on about swelling/leg pain. You said that no tests have been run which concerns me. A friend of mine had pain in the thigh and calf. The doctor blew it off as part of an ongoing problem with his back and siatic nerve. It turned out to be deep vein thrombosis which causes blood clots to form. This is a serious problem and although I can not be sure it sounds similar. Swelling is associated with this condition. You can google deep vein thrombosis to get a better description to see if your symptoms might match. Be sure to ask the rhuemy about DVT when you see them. It is certainly an option that should be explored via ultrasound. Take care.


cwashburne - October 26

Thank you Fantod. I was actually at the doc Mondat and asked him if it could be from blood clot and he said no. The swelling is only in my knee...but there is pain in the calf. I don't really have the symptoms of a blood clot, and my cousin is a nurse and she was asking me all these questions, and she told me to stretch my leg and pull my toes toward me...there was no pain in the calf when i did that and she said that was a good thing, because if it was a blood clot there would be alot of pain when I did that. She asked me if it was warm to the touch, which it was not. So she said to watch out for those symptoms, and to see my doc Monday. Thank you for your concern though!!



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