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Low Blood sugar
3 Replies
Kerrie - January 15

wonder if anyone can tell me anything about the low blood sugar that is realted to FM and if you have it what the symptoms are and how you are tested for it?

The reason i ask is my blood suagr was tested a couple of months ago (My dad, nan and grandad all have diabetes) and it came back too low to read, they did another test and came back at 7 which they said was fine and the low reading must have been a lab problem. However, today my grandad has used hes home machine to test my blood and it came up too low to read again. He made me have lucvozade and choc biscuit and did it five minutes later, reading of 4.4. The reason i asked him to do it is i have felt awfuly spaced out today and breathless, I wonder if breathlessness is a symptom of low blood sugar?


Noca - January 16

I have low blood sugar usually too. I constantly have to eat sweets. I hope I dont got damn diabetes from that damn Zyprexa I take. Im gonna have another blood test soon to make sure im not heading for a life of diabetes.


Canada17 - January 17

Low blood sugar, or hypoglycemia, is a symptom of Fibromyalgia.

I think it is important with symptoms like this to start with prevention rather than focus on a cure. Hypoglycemia can cause dizziness and fainting, and if your sugar levels are too low to read that can be dangerous. It's also hard on your system. We wouldn't want you falling and hurting yourself, FM is painful enough! lol

Look at how much protein you are consuming in a day. I know my episodes are directly linked to that amount. My doctor agrees and has started me taking a whey protein supplement that is alkaline based (low acid).

When I feel my blood sugar is low I have a piece of cheese and/or a glass of juice, and then make myself something to eat. I stay away from sugar to elevate, while that seems like the logical thing to do, and sweets will provide a quick fix for it when you are in a pinch, but it isn't good in the long run. Sugar highs usually end in a crash and leave you feeling drained.

Too much high sugar intake can also cause diabetes in the long run, and if you are at risk for it, they should be avoided as much as possible. Fruits and yogurts are a good alternative when the craving hits. By all means, treat yourself once in a while, you don't need to punish yourself. I speak from experience, I am in a risk group, my mom has type II diabetes, and I have the biggest sweet tooth!

I hope you find a way to get your sugar levels up, I think it is important to speak to your doctor about the readings you've been getting. Perhaps you might consider investing in a monitor yourself and you can take readings before and after you eat. Keep a log with your sugar levels noted with what you ate. That information will help your doctor to better understand what is going on.

Any medications you are on could be contributing to your hypoglycemia and that may or may not be something to worry about if you can get your levels up.

I hope this information helps. : )


Polarbearcub - January 17

Hi, I have low blood sugar also. WHen it goes too low this is what happens:
feel sick - nausea
start shaking
more nausea

It is an awful feeling. I only got all of the symptons once because I was in a store and no where near food. I was pregnant so I think the symptoms came quicker. Now as soon as I feel the shaking I drink juice, eat fruit, whatever I can to get it up till I can get a meal. Good-luck



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