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Lot's of signs and symptoms, no insurance
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abtrent - February 28

Sorry if this is what you have all seen before, but I am in between a rock called unemployment and a hard place called no insurance.
I am a 28 y/o female, with regular menstrual cycle in generally decent health. Used to being physically active (army), so might have "blocked" some issues out.
In the past I have suffered from:
TMJ pain and clicking, sleep apnea, sleep paralysis, insomnia, leg jerking, night terrors, dizziness, anxiety, depression and some weird "nerve" type pains that are hard to describe. If I touch some part of my body, I sometimes feel a nerve "itch" on another side. I have aches and pains, and some burning in the nerves. But, I have always attributed that to wear and tear on the body.
Most recently I have been having some profuse night sweats that have been 4/7 nights. I still have all the other issues listed, but just "deal" with them.
I am now carrying around a lot of nervous tension because of all these things piling up. I can't go see a Doc, and don't really know where to go from here. Help? Thoughts? Does this all fall in line?

Thanks in advance, and I apologize for the redundancy. I am getting so deep into researching that I am freaking myself out.


tnichel - March 1

How long were you in the Army? A lot of current/former soldiers get it b/c of all the stress with the wars and what not. You may be in that category. You really have to make yourself aware of what you're feeling. As far as the tension, mine didn't ease up til the doc gave me muscle relaxers. Plenty of hot baths did wonders. Cut your sugar and caffeine intake. It won't help. Try to layer your clothing and stay away from drafts in the winter. Try to walk for exercise...but nothing strenuous. I'm sorry you in such a predicament. Hopefullly you will be insured soon. What about the local health dept? They charge based on income. And a lot of your symptoms won't go away on their own. the dollar stor sell hot/cold patches that are good for achy muscle. Check web for exercises for tmj. Please respond if you have additional questions. Look for a support group in your area too. A massage share helps. YOu can find them at walmart.
There's so much to pass along I can't remember right now. But I wish you the best of luck and hope that you get what you need.


tnichel - March 1

What concerns me more is your neurological issues. That's why I suggest the health dept. b/c it could be something more serious than fms but likely not so don't stress over that. But fms is usually a sign of an undiagnosed immune condition yet to be noticed by docs. For me it's lupus and sjogren's syndrome. It took 7 years after symptoms appeared to become prevalent enough for a diagnosis. I was an army brat growing up so I know the life you lived and type of conditions you had to deal with. I wish you the best! Again, don't hesitate to ask questions. Every newbie goes thru the same thing.


Fantod - March 1

Call your local hospital and see if they offer a free clinic or know of one in your area. You could also call the United Way and ask them the same thing. Good luck and take care.


ptalana - March 1

Hi abtrent and welcome to our fibro family, please don't ever feel like you have to apologize. We can all empathize with everything you are feeling and going through.
I too experience nerve dysfunction, involuntary jerking in neck, and legs. Also numbness and tingling in finger and toes.
Being that you were in the armed forces do they offer any help with health care for you? If not is there some kind of gov't agency that can help with health care? Maybe call your local hospital and check out what is offered in your area. If they can't help you, they could perhaps steer you in the right direction.
If I may ask, did you suffer some kind of trauma that has led to these symptoms? Myself I fell down a flight of stairs at work, landing on my head. This left me with significant injuries that have since developed into fibro. Quite a few of us suffered considerable abuse both physical and mental from a very young age, which developed into fibro. What ever the cause fibro is a very challenging disorder to deal with. Getting the proper medical care is key to surviving. Finding a fibro friendly doc and rheumatologist are extremely important. Your local hospital will have a referral service that can help you with this.
If you can let us know where you reside maybe someone in our fibro family can give you more specific advice on where to turn for aid.
I understand how overwhelming it can seem when you research all your symptoms, fibro is an all encompassing disorder. Getting your diagnosis is the first step in your game plan, and can take time as they have to eliminate other conditions first. Have you had the eighteen trigger point test yet? You can go online to find the locations and try them out for yourself this would give some indication on whether you are suffering from fibro. Many of the symptoms you experience do coincide with fibro, but could also be related to something else that's why getting a diagnosis is imperative. I would like to suggest that you keep a diary of your pain levels and all your symptoms daily to take to your doc. This will help in getting a diagnosis.
Please let us know your location so we can better advise you on whatever aid may be available to you. But contacting your local hospital could help you, contacting your mayor could help as well. They have helped me find support groups and aid in my community.
I hope this helps you in some way, and that you get the help you so desperately need.
Sending you gentle fibro hug, Patty:)


abtrent - March 2

Thanks all.

1-The military does not cover me, and the unemployment rate in my area means it will be a long time before I have insurance
2-I live in Sacramento, CA
3-Lupus runs in my family, and so do thyroid disorders
4-If I "listen" to my body, I am uncomfortable all the time. I have no meter to tell if I am in pain or not unless it is really severe. I would rather not try to re-tune my brain to it just for a diagnosis. I am not sure if I can turn it all back off. I just didn't know if all these issues sounded like they were adding up. I don't want create more problems to manage while trying to control the other issues.

Thanks Again for all of your suggestions. I really, really appreciate it!


Canada17 - March 2

You have to be honest with yourself and allow yourself to feel your pain. The pain tells you what you can do and what you can't.

Take a look at the information on this site about elimination diets. This was a very effective way for me to cut the severity of my pain in half. While I still have flares of pain, the days are a lot more livable now. I am allergic to almost every pharmaceutical, and if I'm not allergic, I am super crazy sensitive to the effects of them and can't tolerate even the smallest doses.

Be kind to yourself. Take time for you to meditate and relax. Rest your body.

Remember, you are not alone, you will always find support here.



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