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lost my mind known as Chaplin in the past
3 Replies
smurf - January 19

Some of you may know me as Chaplin. Well I lost my mind and can't seem to remember my old password - also the email address that I used to register to this forum with has the same password, Long story short I can't remember my password - I changed it for security reasons my friends were getting spam form my account.

Any how I was hoping to figure it out but finally decided to set up a new one.

I can't believe how my mind draws a complete blank I find it a bit frightening.


chela - January 21


I completely understand. I lost my camera & couldn't remember where I left it, then I bought a new one and try to put it on a safe place so that I would not forget where I left it. Nonetheless, I could not remember where I put that one either! After searching the closet, drawers and everywhere in between, I found it by accident in the kitchen cabinet! I then remembered that I chose that specific location when we had a party and I did not want to misplace it. I know this scenario sounds crazy and funny, but when it happens to you it is sad. I feel sad that now even simple tasks seem to be lost in fibro fog. I used to be great at driving directions, I could drive somewhere new only once and did not even have to think about it the next time about how to get there. Now I'm thinking about getting a GPS. Fibro fog is scary and frustrating. To end my has brought me to tears many days.



axxie - January 21

Hey smurf/chaplin, way to go, same with me. I swear to you, I have this receipt that gotten reprinted again, and guess what I lost/misplaced it. Don't know what happened to it.

I wake up in the morning and look for my makeup, it's right there in front of my nose, guess what I still misplace the item in front of my nose, and I can't find it, and have to patiently wait a few minutes to calmly think of where it might be, and guess what it's right under my nose.

So this receipt that I misplaced, I found, can't send it in for a rebate, it was two weeks ago, now worth nothing.

Driving was my best thing, I could drive anywhere and find myself, now, I barely make it home, some days, I forget where I'm suppose to turn, but I take the same route everyday. One day I took the bus, and got lost in my own city. ARGGGGGGGG, I feel so clumsy, and stupid sometimes.......

I went back to work, lately, and now I had to take two days off and only work, monday, wed, and friday. Maybe I'm not cuttout to return to work, what do I do......

Anyway, all this rambling, to say, I hear you and I understand you completely.


ptalana - January 21

Hi smurf, boy oh boy can I totally relate to the frustration of fibro fog. Everyday I forget what I was doing and have to stop and be still for a minute relax and take a deep breath then maybe I'll remember what I was supposed to be doing. I'll start laundry in the morning then completely forget about it for a few days, yeah yuck!!! Then have to rewash everything and hope it doesn't happen again, lol. I lost my drivers licence due to my extreme vertigo, I think it's probably a good thing I might of forgotten what side of the road I should be driving on. I guess I really am a dizzy blonde, lol!!!!
It's a comfort to know that we are not alone and this forum gives us the outlet to laugh, cry, and vent with each other.
Welcome back, Patty



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