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Lost and seeking information
6 Replies
VeryTiredPanda - January 17

I have only been diagnosed "officially" with FM for about a year but the symptoms have been slowly increasingly painful for the past 2 years. I am not getting any assistance from my rheumatologist at all. His suggestion for everything is to get more sleep and while I agree and would love to comply with this the pain at times in unbearable. Of course I am currently seeking a FM friendly doctor because mine refuses to even allow me to try Lyrica.

But my real question is does FM plateau and your body finally adjust and make compensations for it? Or will FM just continue to increasingly get worse. The doctor says that medications such as pain killers do not work on this kind of pain and that realistically all I need is good sleep and a physical therapist. I have been going to one for about 6 months and find that the pain only increases. My down time after the visits are worse and much longer. Please tell me that there is a light at the end of this tunnel and that is when your body finally just becomes adjusted to this pain, burning, and occasionally screaming that is now consuming my body. I hope it's done and that I am now just going to learn to release those endorphins to accommodate and make the pain at least tolerable.


trici35 - January 18

You should definately find a new doctor. Mine has given me Lyrica to try but I have'nt yet because of the side effects. I am on Celexa for anxiety, nexium because of stomache problems, I also have pills for nausea and pills to help me sleep. For what i'm told the Lyrica is supposed to help you sleep and assist with some of the pain. I have read that FM does plateau at some point and i'm sure hoping that's right. Best of luck to you,and I would find a doctor who will prescribe you the lyrica.


solanadelfina - January 18

I would suggest seeing another rheumatologist. While getting enough rest is indeed important, it's only one part of it. Also, rheumatologists can write prescriptions if you have no luck finding a fibro-friendly family doctor. It doesn't seem like OTC painkillers do a whole lot, and I've personally had very great success with Tramadol on the tougher days and Feldene at night.

A physical therapist can be very helpful in designing an exercise program for whatever your level is, which has been the most beneficial thing in my experience. But, it's important to take things very slowly and listen to your body and try not to do too much at once. Tai Chi can be very nice and soothing, and isn't too strenous. I also do some very gentle stretching morning and night.

My aunt warned me that the winters tend to be harder than the summers, and so far this seems to be true. I believe that if you can find a new doctor and get a regiment going that works for you, you'll start feeling a lot better and that will be your light. Don't give up on getting the proper care that you deserve! Good luck.


axxie - January 18

If the rheumy won't prescribe then tell him to send you to another rheumy for a second opinion. You are entitled to that. FM can be very difficult at times, you'll get to figure out what works and what doesn't. You have to take a multivitamin everyday, there's lots out there, try one that has no preservatives, one that is good is materna. My gyno had suggested that one and even do she is past the childbearing years she still takes it. Eversince I have taken it, it has helped me, another is exercise, try water therapy exercise. As for lyrica, I heard great results but with all medication there are side affects. My doctor who is a gp, a great one at that gave me the pros and cons and I finally decided to take cymbalta. I had a bid of a problem with excepting what I had and how do go about doing the things I loved to do as before. Cymbalta helped me the most. I also take a sleeping pill, at first the cymbalta made me sleep, so I took it in the evening. I also have sleeping disorders pretty advance to I have take a sleeping pill if I want to rest. One thing you should do every morning and every evening before going to bed is take a long shower, this will help you feel better in the morning and help you sleep at night. Maybe you would be better on lyrica, you really have to figure out what you need it for.
Good luck to you and don't be afraid to talk to your rhemy and tell him you want a second opinion on what your options are for drugs that will assist you in your daily life.


ddavies - January 18

I have been on lyrica for a while now and have had no relief. I have days and nights that my hands swell so bad I can't even close them. I use seroqual for sleep. I really don't think they know what to give. Physical therapy and pain management have done nothing for me. I also feel worse and hurt worse afterwards. This stuff really stinks.


Lenzi - January 20

I to deal with the same thing. I am in constant pain and am so fatigued I have trouble completing my daily tasks. I have been diagnosed since 2006 and have taken so much medicine that I had no clue what worked. It seems to me like you need to work with the FM friendly doctor. I take Cymbalta also to help with the pain. Some of the pain is increased by depression and trust me I know this will depress any person out there LOL. Even if you don't suffer from depression it is suppose to help with the pain of depression. Also, pain pills do work, but doctors do not want to give them to people any more. Try to see if he/she can give you a muscle relaxer. This is a disease of the muscles so he/she shouldn't have a problem with that. Good luck to you may God bless you


sazzly - January 20

Hi Very Tired Panda,
I can understand your pain and sympathize with you. While this is my first day on this site, (not sure if it makes me want to laugh or cry reading here) I understand where you are coming from. I am researching FMS because one of my countless Drs feels I may have Fibromyalgia.
Nine months ago an SUV drove into my bedroom, and while I did not suffer cuts and bruises my body has been in constant pain and I have been searching for ways to alleviate this.
I have decided to find a rheumatologist, (tomorrows search) because the more I read the more I am convinced that, not only do i have this syndrome, I may have had this for many years from previous traumas to my body and not ever once heard from a Dr or a friend to research FMS, though I have been seeing Drs on and off (along with taking pain meds and other meds) for the past 26 years.
However, my point is this. I have been to chiropractors, neurosurgeons, family doctors and various forms of physical therapy.
One thing I know for sure, it is IMPERATIVE to get a Dr that will give you assistance in finding answers. I was living in Oklahoma at the time of the acident and it took over six weeks to find a Dr that would even get me the MRIs ordered. Finally I found a wonderful Neurosurgeon. He explained I did not need surgery and sent me to a physical therapist. The PT was one of the best I have ever gone to & helped my mobility though not my pain. I have been to many PTs that did absolutely no good for me.So keep looking till you find the person(s) that is right to treat you.
I moved recently and my therapy has been changed, so I am still in the process of locating the right Drs and such for me here now. I will research the Rheumy Drs first , then if I dont like the one I choose, will look for another until I find a way to help myself through this.
Good Luck!



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