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Looking into fibro
3 Replies
chaos42 - December 31

I have been having some problems lately. at first I got very scared that I had something freeky like ALS or MS. Thanfully, the neurologist did and EMG and an MRI and both came back 100% normal. I also do not seem to have any vitamin/mineral deficiencies.

Here's what's going on. I have hip stiffness when I sit of lie down. It can sometimes get bad overnight. It will wake me up and I will have to switch sleeping sides. When I get up to walk (sometimes) the first few steps are stiff. I am ok after that. I also have leg pain. It's not muscle cramps...more like a nerve-y tugging feeling. Sometimes I feel like I worked out very hard a few days earlier and I am now paying for it...only problem is that I never worked out. I also have restless leg issues and lastly, I have twitching. The twitching is mostly in my legs (had a few in the arms and 1 instance in my face). I've had it in both legs but more-so in my right leg. Sometimes its a very small buzzing twitch (in my calves a lot) and other times I get bigger twitches (often above my knee). My wrists and thumbs get sore. At first I thought it was because I broke my wrist last year but that would only explain 1 wrist...not both. I have had a couple instances where the joints in my hands/fingers flare up....sore and stiff. Other things, that may or may not have anything to do with this...I am not sleeping well (leg pain/twitching/anxiety). I seem to need to go to the bathroom more often and I have had a couple nights of night sweats.

Could I be onto something? Does any of this sound like Fibro? Now that I've done testing through the neorologist, who do I turn to next?

This is driving me a little batty. First of all, I can't shake the fear that something bad is going on with me. My anxiety levels have calmed down after the good test results but it's still on the back of my mind. Second of all it's uncomfortable. Most of the problems only happen when I try to rest (sit or lie down). For example...twitching goes away as soon as I get up and start moving. The Neuro through arond benign Fasciculation but I want more answers. He gave me Mirapex for Restless leg. It hass helped a bit...only on day 5, but not completely.



jacobea - December 31

I'm the same as you first thing in the morning. I feel as stiff as an iron rod when i wake up, but after moving about a bit, it passes and I’m generally better. Sitting down for a long time has the same effect and cure, and trying to get comfortable in bed's an absolute nightmare some nights.

You could well have fibromyalgia. I was tested for most things: arthritis, lupus, diabetes, etc (no MRI though, just blood tests). They all came back negative, and by process of elimination, the doctor concluded fibro.

Your best bet is to book an appointment with a rheumatologist, but make sure they're a "fibro friendly" one; otherwise, you'll be driven battier still. There's a list on this site, I believe, otherwise your local healthcare service should have one. It'll be the rheumatologist that gives you a definite no or yes as to whether you've got fibro.

Take care.


katespups2 - January 1

I'm having the same problem with twitching,and it has me scared to death. My mom had ALS,and I can remember her having very "brisk" reflexes,and fasciculations. If the twitching is from my fibro,then so be it,I'll deal. A small price to pay,the worst of my fibro is the pain and fatigue. I'm doing a lot better since the neuro put me on Lyrica together with Cymbalta. Maybe one of those meds causes twitching? anybody know?


Fantod - January 2

Go to the National Fibromyalgia Association website and ask them for a referral to a fibro-friendly rheumy in your area. Take care.



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