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Looking for some answers please
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TiredMom - February 17

Hi I'm new at this and hoping some of you can respond and tell me when my ordeal started, cause I'm not sure.
Back in 99/00 I was extremely tired and could not concentrate, I slept for most of my days, had no concentration and I could barely make it to my courses and follow the teacher at college.
Went saw a doctor who told me I was depressed, it did not sound right to my ears and tried to tell her that I did not feel depressed and that I would think I would know if I was. After all I was planning on killing myself and was not sleeping because I found it joyful but more because I was extremely tired, so much so, that if there would have been a rock that fitted my size I'd crawl under it and fall asleep. So after going to see this doctor a few times she had me going that indeed that I was depressed and finally relented on taking Effexor. Well it got me in a good mood and my husband was happy that I had found myself again, but I was sleeping sound asleep at night I was still sleeping many hours. In 2000/01, I was talking to this mother at my daughter's school and while I was talking to her about me complaining how tired I was, she suggested that I see her brother the doctor. So I made an appointment and he diagnosed me with low thyroid. I was given a prescription and voila my sleepiness vanished instantly and I was myself again. I weened myself off the Effexor and was doing ok. About a few months I'm feeling fine and here I am going through panic attacks. I was back on the medication, as soon as I had enough in my system I started thinking that maybe I could drive my minivan under an 18 weeller. I scared myself and went straight in to see the doctor, she adjusted my dose and I was fine after that.
I weened myself off and was doing ok, I was now working full time and I was happy. A new job, new responsibilities and a very demanding boss and I went through a bad time, she clearly had things to say about my job, first I was off in everything she asked me, I was made for this job but I was making errors of judgement. This was not like me, and I wondered what had happened to me. Anyway let just say my boss and I had a few disagreement and I started to think that I had suffered a brain injury. I got a transfer and seem fine for a little while and again the same thing happened to me, I was making stupid mistake, that I would see the next day and found me saying who works like this, this is sloppy work etc. Until one of my co-worker told it was a project I had submitted a few days prior. I started asking my co-worker to tell me if she saw anything wrong and to please let me know. A few days into it, and again I was making mistake left and right, stuff I knew routine work where I knew by heart and here I was making monumental errors.
I was in an accident in 06 and was off for about 6 months, I returned to work and again I was doing the same errors. People could not believe the errors I was doing and my boss thought I was doing it on purpose. Further from the truth I started asking and doubting everything around me. I even blamed other people for my mistake, thinking that they had did it. I took sometime off and an MRI later said I had the brain of MS patient. Here I was 48 and it read that I had MS. I went to two neuro's both said they were almost certain I did not suffer from MS. They gave me some muscle relaxer for my frequent headaches and I kept complaining that I had no brain that I was making loads of mistake and that my body hurt, it was deep inside me I could not tell if it was my bone or my fiber but that it hurt so bad that sometimes the only thing I wanted to do is find anykind of relief. A year after I was diagnosed it with Fibro and Extreme fatigue. Now I'm at home on Cymbalta, it had cleared my head but I have not been able to go to work, I seem still very tired and I forget things my husband tells me or that I have a doctor's appointment. When did my fibro start is what I am trying to figure out. Can someone enlighten me please, and thank you for reading my problems. Thank you


Anne Hillebrand - February 17

Just going by what you have said, sounds like you have Thyroid Temperature FMS + Serotonin Cluster of Symptoms.

Still worth testing Saliva pH.

As to when it started, it would be hard to say. If you have medical records showing when your low temperature started, or weight gain, etc, that might tell. You could discuss that with your doctor.


TiredMom - February 17

Thank you Anne, can you tell me what is Thyroid Temperature FMS + Serotonin Cluster Symptoms. Do you mean my thyroid is not well adjusted? as Temperature FMS (I don't know what it means) and well Serotonin Cluster is this what causes extreme fatigue (I can't sleep, unless I take a sleeping aid).
Thank you for responding.


13tracy13 - February 18

In your Dr's defense, many people do not know when they are depressed, depression has many other symptoms then just extreme sadness. Also depression goes hand in hand with Fibro, and Fibro is often treated with antidepresiants.
Also many patients will remain in denial about being depressed so many Dr's have to try and push thier patients into realizing they have a depression issue.
It is really hard to pin point when Fibro started, For me, looking back I've had symptoms since 1995 when i was 15, but the extreme pain only started about 05 so it's hard to say.
Sorry I couldn't help, good luck though.



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