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Looking for oppinion & advise
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toots2889 - October 14

Its been awhile since my last post. Ive had alot going on. Ive been struggling alot with my menstraul cycle. My periods have gotten worse. Ive been getting it every other week, clotting, and real bad cramps(to the point of having to take pain meds for them). My doc sent me to gyn. and ultra sound was fine. He gave me 2 options- they perform a procedure to help with my flow, or hysterectomy. Im not interested in the first choice at all. Looking for advise and oppinions as Im all alone. I know I dont want anymore children, and am an emotional mess because of my hormones. Anyone please feel free to advise me on your outcome if youve had one. Thanks.


Fantod - October 14

Hi Toots2889 - As you probably know, Fibromyalgia works in mysterious ways - always messing with someting. The problems you are experiencing are no doubt part of that extra special "perk" package that we share in common.

I have to tell you that I am pretty opposed to the idea of a hysterectomy. I understand that you are in a lot of discomfort. My periods were a total nightmare towards the end. And then, they just stoppped - good riddance! However, I think that you will be trading one set of problems for another. And, have you even considered the impact that major surgery may have on the FMS? I would get another opinion and probably from a female OBGYN. I'd have the procedure done well before I'd consider a hysterectomy. I think that there are other options available to explore before you give yourself instant menopause. I hope that you will consider getting another opinion. Too many knife happy doctors out there when it comes to female problems. Take care.


iliveinpain - October 15

I had a hysterectomy at the age of 48 years old, and being that I was younger than 50, my gyne (who is a woman) left my ovaries intact. Therefore, I didn't experience an immediate menopause, but have gone thru it gradually over the last 7 years now. My periods had become so out of control. I was bleeding 3 out of 4 weeks of the month, with heavy clotting and menstrual headaches. I welcomed the idea of the hysterectomy and never looked back. Best thing I ever did. The headaches have since resolved themselves. It turns out that I had a condition that would never have been corrected without surgery. So, in my case it was the right thing to do. I've only recently started wearing a bio-identical estrogen patch because I was experiencing extremely bad hot flashes, and the patch has helped greatly with that. Well, anyway, sometimes it isn't the worst thing to consider doing, just my two cents worth. Good luck to you, and let us know what you decide to do.


iliveinpain - October 15

By the way, I forgot to mention, I had the hysterectomy only after I had a D & C. This is probably what your doctor mentioned to you as the procedure. The D & C did help, but not in the long term. I got about 9 months relief and then the problems started up again like before. I gave it a couple of more years, and then finally had the hysterectomy anyway.


axxie - October 15

Hey toots2889, if the hysterectomy will calm you, and he is keeping your ovaries intac, then go for it. It's a major operation, but they now do it, vaginally and only give you an epidural. Then I would say go for it. Your menses would be finished and you would still have your ovaries, which is only what you really need.

But feel free to see another obgyn a women preferably and go for a second opinion, prior to making your choice. Also, ask the surgeon how he will do your operations? Every surgeon is different and I'm not so sure you would want to be cut up in a smile at the bikini line, that operation is harder on your body, then the vaginal with the epidural.


K2009 - October 17

Hi toots2889! I am having the same problem. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis in 1994, took Lupron to help get rid of it, then was on the pill for 12 years to help stave off the Endo. About two years ago I went of the pill because I turned 38 and was having problems with throbbing in my right calf, making me think that I may have a clot. Turned out I did not, but I decided to go off the pill. My periods have gotten progressively worse and horrible. I was diagnosed with FM last October and was told that Endo and Fibro are oftentimes see together - lucky me! I turned 40 this year, and my periods are more painful that they have ever been. I have been to 3 gyno specialists and have decided that I am going to go ahead and have a Laproscopic hysterectomy to remove my cervix and uterus. My female doctor is one of the best in the country and she teaches medical students this procedure. She is going to leave my ovaries so I will not have to take hormone replacement. Then when I do need hormones in the future, she will give me the "good meds" that are not connected with all of the HRT cancer scares. I have done so much research and am so ready to proceed. My surgery is scheduled for Dec. 3 and I should be completely back to normal within 7-10 days. To know that I do not have to endure these horribly painful periods is very exciting. I would recommend that you speak with a few doctors and get multiple opinions and find a gyno that makes you feel comfortable and gives you all the options available. I also thought about Ablation where they do a procedure to essentially heat your uterus to stop the bleeding = get rid of your period. However, I have found out through multiple people that this has not been successful for many women, and then they need to go ahead and have a hysterectomy anyway.



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