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Looking for New Medication Any Ideas
27 Replies
hudsonchristina1 - November 16

I have tried Several different meds and cant seem to find one that works with my lifestyle they leave me groggy and incoherent heard that mucinex has a secret ingredent that is supposed to work does anyone know if that is true i have 5 kids raging in age 5 to 15 can not walk around all drugged up have not been on any meds for year and a half have been dealing with the pain the best i can but is becoming difficult any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated


Noca - November 16

To know what meds to suggest we need to know what illnesses you have, where you hurt, and what meds you've tried.


Canada17 - November 16

Mucinex? The decongestant? It contains guaifenesin that might be the "secret" ingredient you are referring to. I found the following at wikipedia (while it's not the best site for answers, it usually points you in the right direction):

"Because of its uricosuric effect, guaifenesin was chosen in the 1990s for the experimental guaifenesin protocol – a treatment for fibromyalgia. Proponents of the guaifenesin protocol believe that it cures fibromyalgia by removing excess phosphate from the body. However, a consumer alert on the Fibromyalgia Network's website ( product6.php) states that Dr. St. Amand's claims of guaifenesin's effects on fibromyalgia are groundless, and cites double blind research by Robert Bennett, M.D. which found no significant differences between guaifenesin and a placebo in terms of any effect on fibromyalgia or its markers."


hudsonchristina1 - November 16

I have fybromyalgia i have pain in my neck legs and back most often ,loss of muscle control ,migraines dizzy spells ,shortness of breath, chest pain fatigue ,I have tried lyrica and Flexiril and some anti depressants and something they give you for shingles dont remember the names gave up after lyrica it helped with the pain but made me more forgetful and seizures on some suffered really wierd side effects looking for something non prescription that can help


Noca - November 17

Take an opioid pain killer for your unlocalized pain, use Thermacare heat wraps for your back pain, Topamax and Advil liquid gels for migraines, an inhaler like Albuterol for your shortness of breath, Ritalin or Adderall XR for your fatigue, and Lyrica or Gabapentin for your FMS.


Canada17 - November 17

Wow, that's a lot! Granted I'm not a DR, but I can hardly tolerate one prescription in my system. Ritalin, a psycho-stimulant for fatigue? Why not just suggest cocaine or cough syrup? That's sarcasm, sorry if it stings but mixing medications can be dangerous for anyone, and for someone with FMS it can be more complicated.

hudsonchristina1, I know exactly how you feel. I cannot tolerate even the smallest doses of medication without feeling is a daze. Not to mention the more serious side effects that I have had.

I only have one child, a toddler, and I find it hard most days. The joy I get when she tells me she loves me or when she runs to the door when I get home from work with a big smile on her face, makes it all worth while.

I haven't found a mix of what works best for me yet but I am working with my doctor. She started me on an elimination diet. Yeast, white flour, and white sugar seem to be huge culprits in my flare ups. Though I still have pain, paying attention to what I am putting in my body helps.

This is a tricky syndrome and it ranges from person to person. You need to stay open and honest with your doctor and keep asking questions. Keep researching your options and take it back to your doctor.

I've come to terms with the fact that I am probably not going to be able to tolerate the medications traditionally used to treat FM. That's not necessarily a bad thing though, I think I probably have a big enough build up of chemicals in my system just from every day life.


Noca - November 17

What do you think is indicated for narcolepsy? Adderall, Ritalin, or Desoxyn. Chronic fatigue is not much different. Ritalin is not cocaine nor is it cough syrup, its a weaker stimulant when compared to amphetamines and is generally well tolerated.

It is common for chronic pain patients to be on multiple medications at once. Just because you cant tolerate Tylenol or something doesnt mean EVERYONE cant. I myself am on quite a few prescription meds for all my illnesses. Canada17, your sarcasm just reveals your ignorance thats all.


axxie - November 17

The one thing, many of us go through, what are optimal prescription strength. It's only by taking your meds, and working closely with your doctor, will you find what is optimal for you.

I have fibro and chronic fatigue, I was on Cymbalta 60 and 50 mg on trazadone. This was altering my mind, and I could not function, the drugs were to strong for me. We meaning the doctor and I decided to cut the drugs to a bare minimum. I now take cymbalta 30mg, and only take 25mg for my trazadone. The word here, is to try the least possible drugs at the lowest level.

So if Lyrica was taking away you pain and you can function, then try decreasing the strenght until you find what is the optimal for you. It's all trial and error.

Chriropractors do a good enough job in helping you deal with the pain and will even help you with your diet for optimal health.

Another thing you should do for yourself first, is to try to eliminate all stress, easier said then done, try taking a few minutes during the day where you can be left alone, to tune into yourself. In other words, go and hide in the bathroom if this is the only place you can go, lock the door, run the water, and try to regroup.
Optimal food behavior is a necessity, cutting anything white and sugary,limiting the coffee craze, actually if you can eliminate it, you would do better. Drinking only one cup of white or green tea, after your lunch and dinner, will take eliminate many toxic in your body.


axxie - November 17

More helpful things you can read and ponder about.

If you need any health choices to help you until your team of doctors and yourself choose your therapy, you can do a few things to eleviate some of the issues you are having.

For some syptom relief

For sleep, use Melatonin from 1 to 3mg one hour prior to bed time. It's a hormone, that regulates sleep/wake cycles and improves sleep quality.

You can add 5-HTP, an amino acid, which boots production of serotonin and melatonin, promoting relaxation and improve sleep, take 50 to 100 mg before bed.

Also L-theanine, an amino acid, reduces tress, promotes relaxation, take between 50 to 100 mg before bed.

Bones hurt, try calcium and magnesium, those essential minerals for healthy bones, take b etween 1200 calcium and 320 mg of magnesium daily more if there is osteoporosis, also take with a good multi-vitamin.

Again for pain try Joint Q or Glucosamine Chondroitin sulfate 500/400 mg up to twice a day, I use it along with everything, I wrote above and it helps to control my flares and my pain, so much so that I don't feel my pain, most days, until of course when I forget my natural drugs.

For fibro fog and anxiety, use Ginkgo biloba it's an antioxidant that helps improve memory and cognitive function by increasing blood flow to the brain, take 40 mg three times daily.

For nervouness and irritablity and any symptoms of menopause such as night sweats, insomnia, you can use Black cohosh take 40 mg twice daily.

Again to regulate your hormones balance try using Chastevery very good if you happen to be in peri-menopause take from 200 to 400 mg daily.

Also for libido, you can use L-arginine, Panax ginseng, tribulus terrestris and ginkdo bilobal, try looking for a combination formula.

A good multivitamin with iron, an average intake of iron for a girl your age is: 14.8mg a day, find a multi-vitamin that has at least half of that amount or more. The rest you can absorb by doing a few simple things, like drinking a glass of orange juice at the same time as when you have your having your cereal, because this could help boost your iron absorption. Eating fruits and vegs, nuts will give you the extra iron, your body needs.

When you're short of iron - known as iron deficiency - it isn't pleasant. The symptoms can include: tiredness and lethargy; difficulty concentrating and shortened attention span - not good news if you're trying to revise; looking pale and feeling faint; breathlessness.

And the news gets worse, because if you've got iron deficiency and you don't do anything about it, you could end up with anaemia. But don't worry, the news isn't all bad, because it's easy to get enough iron.

Young women should be having 14.8 milligrams (mg) iron a day (men need 8.7mg a day).

You can easily pump up your iron stores, but first you need to know which foods are rich in iron: roast beef and other red meat (beef, lamb, pork,


ptalana - November 17

Hi hudsonchristina1, Wow what a challenge you have dealing with Fms and raising five children, I hope you have some support!!!! As for pain as many have already stated all our situations are somewhat different. Some seem to be able to handle thier pain without any opiates I unfortunately am not one. Are you currently seeing a rhuematologist or physiatrist? It's imperative that you work with medical practitioners who are well versed in Fms treatment.
I'm not sure about your situation but along with Fms I'm battling a double lumbar scoliosis, rib hump, degenerative disc disease, stenosis and nerve damage to my spine, arthritis. These I developed after a accident 4yrs ago, so the need to take stronger meds may have more to do with these other conditions. I currently take 6-8 percs a day, flerxoral, pantoloc, tylenol migraine, and vitamin D. But I'm going for my interview at a pain clinic in Toronto this evening, I've been waiting almost 3yrs. So I'm hoping to be able to start my nerve block injections, as well as a comprehensive rehab to hopefully restore some of my mobility. Fingers (and toes crossed)!!!
Exercise is also extremely important, I know at times that is the last thing we feel up to doing. I personally love pilates, but yoga is also very good not only for your body but your mind. That is if you can find the time, you are one busy lady!!!! I wish you all the best :) Patty


Canada17 - November 17

I am not ignorant, Ritalin is very close in its chemical make up to cocaine. Did you know that Ritalin was created before they knew about ADD and ADHD, yet it is the drug prescribed to treat it? And aren't you the same person that said if someone is looking for a natural treatment they are usually ignorant? Maybe it is you who is ignorant. Just because I strongly disagree with you basically prescribing a myriad of medications to someone you don't even know, I am ignorant? Are you a doctor?

I do not believe in popping pills for every little thing. It is believed that part of the cause of FMS is an over exposure to synthetics and chemicals. Kind of like a human canary in a mine. So it would be wise for us to use pharmaceuticals as a last resort, especially the ones you have suggested.

Considering the first line of this woman's post indicates that she more than likely has multiple-chemical sensitivity, what would make you think the medications you suggested would have a different effect?

We aren't just chronic pain patients, we are FMS patients and that complicates the treatment of our chronic pain.


Noca - November 17

I work in the health care field as well Im a psychology student. Most of chronic pain patients including FMS patients are using polypharmacy, some have as many as 10 medications. If you want to go lone ranger without medication then by all means go ahead. The OP asked for medication suggestions and I gave some.


Canada17 - November 17

I read her post. My point is that she also said she has tried several different medications and hasn't been able to tolerate any of them well.

Would that not lead you to believe she, like most FM patients, has an intolerance to pharmaceuticals?

While I will tell people which meds I have tried for what symptoms, and any reactions I've had to them, unless the poster asks for recommendations on a specific medication, I would not suggest one.

I guess I just think it is inappropriate for someone who isn't licensed to prescribe medication make those kinds of suggestions. Maybe part of me is also a little cynical in thinking that I would want to protect myself from any liability arising out of someone taking that medication on my recommendation.

And I don't *want* to go "lone ranger without medication". I do take medication, I am just very limited in what works for me. The treatment of my FM is based mainly on diet restrictions and supplements. I want to feel better, not in so much a drug induced fog that I can't remember what pain is.


axxie - November 18

I like this forum, but don't like that last few comments, so please try to be friendly to each other, we all have different opinions, but remember even doctors don't agree on how to treat patients the same way.

I thank you all, be nice to everyone. Remember we can give our opinion not a treatment.....


Canada17 - November 18


Perhaps it is because I am passionate about what I am writing that it comes across as heated. I didn't realize I was being mean in giving my opinion.

If someone calls me ignorant, I am going to defend myself. However, asking someone to explain why they think they should tell this one person to try half a dozen or more medications is not really something that can be sugar coated.

It was not my intention to offend anyone, and I apologize if I have, axxie. I didn't take Noca's comments as being mean and I wasn't insulted by them; a debate isn't always like a cheery song.



Noca - November 18

Canada17, thats why theres a disclaimer policy link at the bottom of EVERY page. Try reading it first.


axxie - November 18

“If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind”.

For those of you who don’t speak ‘politician’, (which is another language entirely, made up of 10% English, 40% media-friendly doublespeak, and 50% waffle), here’s the translation:

“You can have an opinion if you want one”.

And that’s where the problem begins. Because people are basically... well... people, the fact that it is within everyones' rights to have an opinion means just that.



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