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Looking for Dr. that believes in fibro. around Greenville MS
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randiew123 - July 23

I have been in pain for a couple of years now. I have knots that come up on my body ever time I drink caffeine, or eat chocolate. Now something else is triggering it, can't figure what. I have been to three different doctors now and each find nothing. I am now having alot of abdominal pain. Have had a ultra sound a CT scan. Nothing found. My memory is getting really bad. I am so behind at work. I feel like I have major PMS all the time. Have pushed away friends and family. I ran across Fibromyalgia on the web. The last doc. I went to after he found nothing on the CT scan, I told him I believed I had IBS related to Fibromyalgia. His response was "that is just a trash can diagnosis." He is now sending me to a GI. I really need to find a Doctor that believes in Fibromyalgia and is close to me. Old car problems!!!! also.

Hope someone can help.


JJ1 - July 24

Check to see if there is a fibromyalgia support group in your area and see if they can recommend a doctor. You should see a rheumatologist.


JJ1 - July 24

I found a website that lists these support groups in MS (not sure if they are near year, but even if they aren't they still may be able to help you locate a doctor in your area) --

Biloxi- Positive Fibromites;

Moss Point - Jackson County FMS/CFS & Chronic Pain Group;

Tree Rivers - East Jackson County South East.


Fantod - July 24

Call your local hospital and ask for the physician referral service. They may know of a rheumotologist who treats fibromyalgia. They may also be able to tell you if there is a local support group nearby. Take care.


JJ1 - July 24

"not sure if they are near year"

Fibrofog strikes again....That should have been "not sure if the are near YOU".


randiew123 - July 24

JJ1 Thanks but no they are not close. I have a call into my hospital got a voice mail, left a message to see if they know any docs that treat FM.
I am going to end up loosing my job if I don't get some help. I am a single income household. Anyway thanks so much for responding to me. I also looked on the Hospital list of support groups and could not find one. I'll ask about that when she calls back.


JJ1 - July 24

If the hospital can't direct you to anyone you still may want to call one of the support groups in your state. they still may know of doctors in your area or you could contact another doctor that they can recommend who may then be able to refer you to someone in your area. If you are in a small rural area, you may have to travel a ways to find a good doctor anyway. I am in a huge metropolitan area and there are only 3 or 4 in my area. It is disappointing to know that there are still so many doctors who don't "believe" in fibromyalgia. Maybe some doctors do use it as a "trash can diagnosis" when they can't figure it out but that doesn't mean that it isn't real and should be just thrown out as a possibility. Have you had any other tests run to rule out problems with similar symptoms like with your thyroid, lupus, ms, Lyme disease, etc.?


randiew123 - July 25

No actually I went to the Doctor because of the horrible pain I had in my abdomen. like really horrible menstration craps, and PMS to the max. Thought it was female. I have not had a period in 2 years. They did a trans vaginal ultrasound and found nothing. then I got a UTI. So I thought all the pain was that. I went to a urologist and he did a CT scan. Found nothing. Next I am on my way to a GI Doc to see if it is IBS. In the middle of all this saw the advertisement on FMS and looked it up. Hallelujah I found me. I could not believe it ever thing listed was me. So I suggested it to the Doc. Big wast of time. When Ii get this IBS fixed. I will try to find a Doc for the FMS. That is why I am I am looking now I hope the GI doc i go to will refer me. Her husband is a Spots Doc. I am hoping she will believe in FMS since she is women and he is a sports doc. I have my fingers crossed. I really wish I had spell check on this site, I need it


JJ1 - July 26

I think all of us made the round of doctors before finally getting to rheumatologist and getting diagnosed. for me, i saw a gastroenterologist for gastric reflux and irritable bowel. I was going to an orthopedic doctor for what I thought was something I had pulled in my arm, then neck, then knee, and I was thinking they must think I am a hypochondriac. Then finally the orthopaedic doc said they could do nothing for me and i should see a rheumatologist and then the round of tests with the rheumy then finally diagnosis.


randiew123 - July 28

I have Insurance and a co-pay but the doctor visits, meds and tests are about to break me. I had a good day yesterday and then a really bad muscle cramp hit my upper arm. I thought I had broke it. I have never had a broken bone before and I have never had a cramp like that. I can't wait for the 4th so I can go to another Doc. I wish someone could give me some Drugs for the pain. The aleve is not doing any good, I have tried them all. I use to take Excedrin miagrain it stopped all pain, but for years now can't handle the caffeine in it



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