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looking for any info!!
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Graham - July 13

My girlfriend for years now has been seeing a physiotherapist about tight muscles and tendons that she was told was caused by growing abnormally. However she has continued to have pain everywhere on her body pretty much and is no longer growing and it seems like no doctor can figure out what has been causing the pain. She has been through blood testing, bone scans and is schedualed for an MRI, she has also seen a rheumatoidoligist and he could not diagnose her with anything. My mom is a nurse and mentioned FM to me and I have been looking over the internet for all the information I can get and the more I learn about FM the more I think that it discribes her perfectly. I've told her to ask her physiotherapist what she knows about it. Some of the symptoms she has for sure are, stiffness, dizziness, is always tired, tender (espicially after physical activity) and has had tingling and numbness. My main questions are: how well known is FM and is it possible that 4 different doctors could have missed the symptoms of FM? And really any information would be helpful at this point.


noel - July 10

I feel for you and your girlfriend, i also have very similar symptoms and am now on my 3rd gp, still no diagnosis! Yes it seems that a lot of doctors either are poorly informed about fm or do not believe that it exists. From research ive done it seems that there are a lot of illnesses that have almost identical symptoms to fm and i think this makes diagnosis difficult. I'm sorry i cant be of anymore help, you should get your girlfiend to read through the forum herself, i found it comforting in a way that so many other people are going through a similar experience. Good look with a diagnosis


Jozette - July 10

I answered the folowing on someone elses question but I thought it might help you with yours....I had to switch my regular doctor to get answers myself. Also, my insurance didn't need a referral to see a specailist. Call your insurance company to see if you need one or not and just make an appointment yourself. I had to do this before I switched my doctor that blamed everything on anxiety. Now I have a decent general practitioner because I was persistant. You need to be to get answers. I started my symptoms April 2nd 2006 and I have already been diagnosed as of June 27th with a rhuematologist. And already saw a neurologist which ruled out nerve damage. Hang in there and start telling these doctors what you want and need and if they can't do it for you than move on to the next.


Jessie - July 13

It seems like some doctors are poorly informed. I think they're just very slow to diagnose something that has no outward, visible symptoms. I told my general practioner that if he could see my pain as bruises, I would be covered from head to toe. He started to get the picture and after blood work to rule out a lot of other possibilities, he diagnosed me. Just look for a doctor willing to listen with patience and be very descriptive with the symptoms. Good luck!



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