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Looking for a Fibro Doctor
5 Replies
shula - July 8

Hi everyone, I am looking for a GOOD fibro doctor in Vancouver,Canada. I have been living with fibro for many years and still can't find the support I need from a doctor. I have been bedriden for 5 days now due to a bad flare up.I have spasms in my lower back and legs which prevents me from standing up or walking,I had to crawl on all fours to get to the bathroom.I finally called my doctor's office to ask if he can put a precription for a painkiller since I don't have anything at home that works,the receptionist told me that they don't do that, and I would have to come in.I explained to her AGAIN that I Can't walk! but she wouldn't listen. My other option is going to the Emergency to get a morphine shot.So much for a family doctor!!! At least I have this form where everyone can understand what we go through EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!


axxie - July 8

Hello Shula

first thing first, you need to get someone to go to the pharmacist and get pain relief, such as myoflex or any kind that doesn't smell and get someone to put it on for you. The second thing is get Robax Platinium, take 2 every 6 hours and go for hot showers or bath (prior to putting on pain relief rub) ok.

Get yourself to emerg, is the best thing you can go for yourself and tell them you have fibro and that you need help with medication and also a referal to a rheumy or pain specialist, they are equip to help you and refer you.

The next best thing, is follow a non dairy, non colas, non chocolate, coffee or red meats and no smoking and no luncheon meats, no breads, this will help you to fight off the flare you have.

Drink lots of water, and do drink, white or green tea (the teas will help you to eliminate the toxins in your body). Keep on taking the robax platinum and keep on putting on pain releif rub.

Go see a chiro, or someone who can give you massage (this will hurt), if you can, go to a gym where they have heating lamps, this will help you with the pain, believe it or not.

As for the receptionist, you know the drill in Canada, the doctor will not prescribe because they are not paid, you have to go in. Ask the doctor to see you and to give you a prescription for your fibro, there are two in Canada, Lyraca problem with this one is weight gain, but it works for fibro, or you can get Cymbalta, it will take you approximately 10 days before you start feeling the good side of cymbalta but worth it.

When you see your doctor why don't you go in with a list of problems you have and a copy of the fibro symptoms and the medical treatment to fibro and ask him to give you a prescription of the preferred you would like.

Just remember, there are also alternative therapies such as massage, chiro, physio, etc that can also help you.

Yes, emerg is the best way to go about, they will see you, they will treat you and ask them to refer you to a specialist such as rheumy or pain management doctor from the hospital and tell them you do have a regular doctor but is unwilling to give you help of any kind and that you suffering.

Good luck and let me know how things go, just remember there is light at the end of the tunnel, you just need to help the doctors help you is to educate them as well.

Come back and let us know how things are oK, a fibro friend from Ottawa.


shula - July 9

Hi Axxie,thanks for your input.I have gone to my doctor previously with a 4 page list of all of my symptoms, I have a severe case of fibro,I have about 99% of all the symptoms listed.The doctor didn't even look at the list, instead gave me Amatriptaline to try. This stuff made me supper depressed and I noticed weight gain. I got off of that fast. Since then I don't take anything except 10mg of Flexaril at night,but I don't have anything strong for pain. As soon as I can leave the house I'll goand see him and ask him for Percuset or Oxicontin.I can't find a fibro doctor in Vancouver. Thats the big problem. I think that I am going to apply for Medicinal Merajuana,thats the last resort.


Fantod - July 11

shula - Have you tried calling your local hospital physician referral department and asking them for a recommendation to a rheumotologist and/or a pain specialist with an interest in Fibromyalgia? Good luck and take care.


shula - July 14

Hi, just an update on whats happening.I ended up going to the Emergency on Sunday.Thank God it only took 3 hours, usually its about 6-8.The Doctor gave me Oxycocet- Percoset. I had to take 2 at the hospital, felt the effect in five minures.The meds did not take the pain away completely, it also made me very sleepy and nausiated. I have not taken anymore of these pills since the Doc said that they are very strong and one can form a dependency. I still cannot walk more then a few steps, or sit, still in pain,don't know what to do next.It has been 2 weeks since I have been bedriden.


axxie - July 15

Shula, did you ask the emerg doctor for a referal? If not go back to your doctor and demand that you get a referal to a rheumy or pain specialist, tell him that you are in real pain and that what you need is for someone to listen to you, and to actively look at a solution. If doctor is unwilling then report him and go back to the emerg and ask them to get you referal to the pain specialist or rheumy that you have fibro and that your doctor does not want to help you.
I know how you feel, I have been there and I had to go to several doctors before I finally found one who listened and tested me for everything else and when it all came back normal, she believed me with the fibro aches and pain and subsequently I was put on cymbalta.
Don't give up, or look at the bc doctor's page and see if any are available for new patients, make an appointment with them, and see which one is open to listening to you and go with him/her.



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