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longer healing periods
3 Replies
LadyNae - February 23

Hey Everyone,

Ok so here is the deal. I hurt my wrist in October, before Halloween. My daughter and I were coming up the stairs to our apt. and she had a huge pumpkin that she was rolling up the stairs. After I got one of my other daughters pumpkins up I came down to help her. I bent down to pick it up and felt an instant twang and really bad pain in my wrist. After being referred to the specialist in town he referred me to another specialist about an hour away from here. Since I initially hurt it I have managed to re injure it a couple different times pretty easily.

I know everyone is different and that healing periods are different due to that. But I was wondering the average it takes to heal from little things like bruises to bigger things like breaks if you have ever had them with Fibro. Any answers would be great.



shelllc79 - February 23

Hi there.
I would say yes. I broke my left wrist 3 yrs ago. I did take me longer to heal. I had a cast on for 9 weeks. Then 2 yrs ago I fell again and hurt my right hand pretty bad. That took almost a yr befor I could fully use it again. Then about moths ago I fell again and hurt my tail bone. There are still days I cant sit on it. All those injurys still bugg me alot to where I cant even use them sometimes.

So I would say yes it takes longer for us to heal.
I would love to hear anyone elses story about healing to see if it could be part of fibro.


toots2889 - February 23

There is no answer to your question, as everyone heals differently. A bruise for me can take over 2 weeks to get rid of. I personally havent broke anything per say, but i did have surgery on my back, and am still trying to heal from it. The surgery was back in October of last year. Now my son has and he was ok after 6wks. but he was young and the drs. told us because of that, he would heal fast. I dont think i was of much help here, but i gave you what i could. Good Luck!


kvc33 - February 23

I sprained my wrist and it took 18 months for the pain to go away completely, however it was just the occasional twang. I'm wondering why you are falling. There are balance exercises one can do to help prevent falls. Never look down when you are walking, the eyes need to see the horizon to keep you balanced. Over time the feet no longer sense changes in terrain the way they do when we are younger but this can be re-trained too.



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