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long time no talk
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dannape - April 8

Hi guys,

It's been awhile since i posted.....The rheumy put me on topamax last year for my migraines, it has helped for the most part, but the good thing is, i've lost 25 lbs...not in the best way...i'm nauseous a lot, and i've lost my appetite, but it's all good....Now, i have the aches, like crazy...and not just in my legs, like they have been...back, front, all over, it's driving me freaking crazy...i'm about to jump out of my skin...i'm still on the tramadol...50 mg, was just taking 2 at night, but now have to take 2 during the day, it's usually around 2-3, when the aching seems to appear....

I'm wondering why the rheumy only has me on pain meds, and nothing really for the fibro? guess i'll have to ask this years appt


January - May 20

Hi dannape! Long time indeed…

I hope you are doing your own research on these newer drugs - often older drugs work just as well, or better, and are less expensive. Also, some of the newer ones have monster side effects that even the doctors aren't aware of - things like diabetes, liver problems, memory loss, stomach cancer…

Drugs (dot) com has always been a pretty good site, especially if you scroll down to the info for health care providers.

As for taking "fibro meds" - there is a lot of controversy about whether these drugs cause more damage than they are worth. Fibro is still just a "dumping ground" diagnosis - it's not a specific disease, there's not test for it - no two cases are alike. It's just a cluster of similar symptoms. The drug companies are heavily involved in the "marketing" of fibro to the public, the "fibro is real" slogan, for example - and the SSRI and SNRI drugs are now being found (after 20 or 30 years of experience) to cause a lot of problems. Once you start on these drugs, it is VERY hard to stop taking them. It looks like they may actually cause a form of bipolar mental illness in some people. Dr. Peter Breggin is a psychiatrist who has written extensively about these problems. You can google him, and he is on Facebook also.

If the pain meds from the rheumy are working, why would you want to be on extra fibro meds? Are you still having symptoms?



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