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Loestrin 24 and Fibro
5 Replies
parent - November 28

Hi All - It's my first time posting. Wondering if any of you have feedback regarding the possible escalation of fibro symptoms while on Loestrin 24? My daughter has been on it for about 3 years, and it seems like her symptoms have gotten progressively worse since then.


Fantod - November 28

Loestrin 24 is a birth control pill. Here are the aide effects: Common side effects of Loestrin 24 Fe Oral:
Black Stools Less Severe
Incomplete or Infrequent Bowel Movements Less Severe
Breast Tenderness Less Severe
Breast Fullness due to Milk Production Less Severe
Acne Less Severe
Dizzy Less Severe
Low Energy Less Severe
Visible Water Retention Less Severe
Feel Like Throwing Up Less Severe
Throwing Up Less Severe
Diarrhea Less Severe
Stomach Cramps Less Severe
Swelling of the Abdomen Less Severe
Feeling Weak Less Severe
Intense Abdominal Pain Less Severe
Water Retention Less Severe

Infrequent side effects of Loestrin 24 Fe Oral:
Migraine Headache Severe
High Blood Pressure Severe
Frequent Headaches Severe
Yeast Infection of Vagina and Vulva Severe
Abnormal Test Result for the Body's Sugar Tolerance Severe
Sun-Sensitive Skin Less Severe
Hair Loss Less Severe
Excessive Hairiness Less Severe
Yellow-Brown Patches on Skin Less Severe
Weight Gain Less Severe
Weight Loss Less Severe
Altered Interest in Having Sexual Intercourse Less Severe

If you believe that your daughter is being impacted by Loestrin 24 in addition to Fibromyalgia (FMS) symptoms than she should be taken off of it. FMS does vary in intensity and is different in every individual that has it. It can be extremely difficult to determine what specifically is causing the problem. In this case, it seems the process of elimination is the key. Good luck to you and your daughter. Sorry I can not be of more help.

Rare side effects of Loestrin 24 Fe Oral:
Depression Severe
Sudden Blindness and Pain Upon Moving the Eye Severe
Pancreatitis Severe
Heart Attack Severe
Stroke Severe
Obstruction of a Blood Vessel by a Blood Clot Severe
Blood Clot Severe
Hepatitis Severe
Disease of the Gallbladder Severe
Inflammation or Infection of Vagina Severe
Absence of Menstrual Periods Severe
Irregular Periods Severe
Bleeding Not Related to Menstrual Period Severe
Benign Tumor of Liver Cells Severe
Liver Cancer Severe
Breast Tumor Severe
High Amount of Triglyceride in the Blood Severe
Cervical Discharge Less Severe
Focal Nodular Hyperplasia of Liver Less Severe
Change in Appetite Less Severe


parent - November 29

Hi Fantod,
Thanks for your reply. She is going off of it for a trial basis. She had been feeling like it was the one pain reliever that actually worked (pain from ruptured cyst/harsh cramps), but agreed that we need to see if it is aggravating her fibro. I have seen on other forums discussion about the impact of bc pills on fibro, so was really curious to see if any folks here have any experience with it. Since she is only 15 with symptoms first emerging at 10, I really think hormones are a factor. Tryng out a new fibro dr. next Monday - hopeful.


llcsmom - December 2


My daughter (14yo) has some similar issues, so I thought I would say hello. She, too, had symptoms starting at the age of 9-10 years old. (mostly started with joint pain that moved all around her body, fatigue, and dizziness). Diagnosed with fibro at age 11 and with dysautonomia at age 12 1/2. She, also started Loestrin at around 12 years old for extreme pain during her periods. She stayed on it for about a year and a half, and then about 6 months ago, tried another brand, due to breakthrough bleeding. Well, things have been worse, and she is now trying her 4th type of birth control pills with just progesterone, thinking the estrogen may be part of the reason she is having such awful headaches almost daily that are not getting better with the usual medications. She is also trying progesterone only, since she is having hip surgery in 2 weeks, and will be in recovery, so will be at higher risk for blood clots, which estrogen would only increase that risk at this time. Don't know what to do after that, she wants to try the Loestrin again, but it's also not good to keep switching around, should stick with one type or brand for 2-3 months at a time.

Its so frustrating because it takes months and years of experimenting with chronic illnesses like these, and trying different medications--don't know if a problem is a side effect of a drug--and when you are taking so many different meds, which medication is causing which side effects??? Or, is the problem just part of the chronic illness(es)? So hard to tell....

Our daughters sound similar, what type of doctor is she seeing next? My daughter sees primarily a pediatric neurologist (she also sees about 3 other doctors currently) who treats her dysautonomia symptoms (which include fibromyalgia pain and about 30 other awful symptoms!!--- since it affects the autonomic nervous system).

Take care,


parent - December 6

Hi Dawn,
Thanks for adding your post. I can see you are right where I am in struggling to do the best for your daughter but probably feeling like you're coming up short every day. I hope your daughter's hip surgery goes well. My 88 year old mother had hip surgery last year and has made practically a total recovery. Is this surgery due to her fibro?

As for the doctor we saw today, he is an actual fibro specialist, and well respected in the field. I don't know where you are located, but we are in NJ. He didn't think b/c pills would be a controlling factor in her fibro pain, but did order bloodwork to include hormone levels among other things like adrenals and lyme (again). I liked that he was open to my suggestion - even if it just rules one more thing out. It was good that she stopped them at the start of her cycle last week, so hopefully the bloodwork will not be affected by the b/c hormones. Depending upon the results, she may go back on Loestrin with her next cycle - she says it's the one thing that actually helps with pain.

As a result of today's appointment, she will start a gradual buildup of cymbalta from 20 to 60 mg daily. Once she is comfortable around 30-40 mg per day, he wants us to introduce lyrica at 30-60 mg per day. We had been concerned about prescribing those meds at her age, but she has just been spiraling downward over the past two months - we need to do something.


Canada17 - December 6

I have tried this product for BC, but had bad side effects to it. I cannot tolerate any birth control.

I have tried:
The pill (various brands)
The mini-pill
The Nuva Ring

I decided not to try the patch because I have VERY sensitive skin and stuff like that usually contains latex which I am allergic to.

The shot is rediculous, I can't even get the flu shot without it making me feel ill.

IUD are made of metals I am allergic to.

So I can see her Fibro getting "worse" with birth control, especially if a lot of her flares are connected to her hormones (as mine are).

I find I have felt the best when pregnant, but then I also feel all the little pregnancy issues more because of my Fibro.

She may be allergic, or sensitive to something in the pill.

The best result I had was with the NuvaRing. It may seem weird to have to put it in and then three weeks later take it out, but it's not different than using a tampon. I couldn't feel it, and while I don't know about your daughter's sex life (if she even has one) my husband could not feel it either. I had one break, which can happen, and it just fell out which felt funny but I just put another one in and away I went. They are supposed to be stored in the fridge too, so that was strange for me to have to go to the fridge for my birth control. I did experience extreme vaginal dryness though, which is why I had to stop, but not everyone experiences that. Aside from that I had no other adverse reaction to it.



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