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location, location and pain
4 Replies
jrzgirl - March 19

does anyone here on this board live in Florida? a warm location is key to lessen the pain. we ned to find a place to live either in Fl or SC but I really need to have natural gas/propane for heating and cooking, also a pool would be great(closed in)


Noca - March 19

I hate the summer and winter here. I only like spring and fall. Our temperatures range anywhere from -30°C to +50°C.


Fantod - March 20

I lived in FL for a year and a half prior to being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (FMS). The humdity nearly killed me. I have osteoarthitis and the humidty made it much worse. I agree a pool would be a good thing. In FL if the house doesn't have a pool you can plan on it taking forever to sell.

I don't think any place with high humidty is a good location for anyone with FMS. I have a friend with FMS that lives in Vegas. She does better there than she did in a high humidty climate. Take care.


Fantod - March 20

A couple of other thoughts about FL. When I lived there utilities were through the roof. In order to get a somewhat decent rate for electricity, you had to agree to be subject to rolling blackouts which meant your power could be out for several hours. Bear in mind having a pool means the pump has to run 24/7 to keep it clean. All of this adds up quickly.

Tap water is terrible in FL. Typically a whole house filter is needed and/or a softener too. Most people drag home bottled water for drinking and cooking purposes. And, FL is running out of water due to the population explosion.

Don't forget about the exterminator which is a monthly expense for pest control. And, any lawn must be treated for bugs as well.

If you want a moderate climate, think about WV. Very low property taxes (propane is common) and depending on where you live, a shorter winter and generally more moderate seasons.


Noca - March 20

Yeah Florida tap water basically smells and tastes like swamp water. I don't think I'd be able to breathe very well in Florida either with the humidity and my asthma.



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