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List of things to do when you have Fibromyalgia
3 Replies
axxie - August 17

I hope you follow some of the rules, it can help you.
1.See a doctor that will help you, not just a GP. Have a complete drug panel test; if you have a thyroid or sugar, etc., problems, it is adding to your fatigue.
2.Never change or quit your meds on your own. Call your doctor. I always think I know what mine will do, but he comes up with something better. We are not doctors or psychiatrists, and neither are friends and family.
3.Take your meds everyday and on time. Buy a watch that has several alarms (Casio,etc.).
4.Get off illegal drugs, booze etc, even if you're not taking meds. Find a rehab center to help you.
5.Don't drink alcohol, even if you're not taking meds. Never mix alcohol with meds, bad for your liver.
6.Go to bed early every night and get up at the same time every day. Make your room completely dark when you sleep. Check the internet for Light Therapy, but I don't know if it works.
7.Exercise every day, yes I know how hard it is, but it does help, every little bit helps. If you can only do, one routine, it’s better then nothing. Remember your body has to work. Do try getting geting into a pool, pool exercise eases the joints, it’s helps. If you're down, get out of the house and walk.
8.Eat nutritional food, especially vegetables and protein. Eat your meals, cut them in smaller portion, but do eat.
9.Try to get someone to help you or do it for you. Find the free services, sponsored by a hospital, that provides someone to help with light housekeeping, bill paying and cooking.
10. No sugar. No caffeine. 10. no artificial anything, do take 1000mg of omega, B12 and other B’s and don’t forget to take some sort of calcium. Many studies have shown it helps.
11. Don't use natrual pills, like St. John's Worth, they interfere with your meds.
12.FOR US CITIZEN (Canadian please see Services Canada) just remember disability turns most people down the first time, 2nd time and even third time. Keep trying. Do it now because it won't go into effect for many months afterwards. Have someone make sure you always turn all required papers on time for any assistance programs. ASK FOR HELP.
13.Apply for for more programs, go through the phone book. FOR US only: If you get Soc Sec, you will get Medicare. If you have a low income, you can get their low-income program and your meds will cost about $7 for name brands and $3 for generics. With Medicare, your doctor visits and hospital stays will be much cheaper. cANADIANS, YOU HAVE YOUR HEALTH CARD, APPLY FOR DISABILITY, THEY WILL HELP YOU WITH PRESCRIPTIONS, ETC.
14. For every medication you get, check with 2 pharmacists for side affects and drug interactions. Know which are serious enough to stop it immediately. Also, when medications mix, they create a new formula.
15. Put your meds in a pill box set with days of the week on of each box and "Morning, Noon..." Put spare meds in you purse. I also have a pillbox that goes on my keychain.
16.NEUROFEEDBACK!!! Apparently it helps. Find a center that uses. If your doctor doesn't have it, find someone who does. IT HAS HELPED ME!!! (It doesn't take the place of medication.)
17.If your medication makes you numb to the world and you can't be creative, ask for a change. TWEAKING OF MEDICATION IS A CONSTANT THING.
19.If people in your life don't believe you are sick ("You're just trying to get out of work"), avoid them. COMPLETELY. No matter who they are.
21.Lastely, I know it's very hard to follow schedules, routines, avoiding foods, etc. Your WELBEING depends on it. WITH TIME YOU MAY EVEN GET RELIEF FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME.
I wish SUCCESS, less pain and a return to normalcy.


chucksusanandgrace - September 16

Thanks for the tips and advice!


chefbeth - October 12

I found this post and decided to reply, so that it becomes current, in case someone new needs to read it. Thanks so much - I have not been diagnosed with FM and will see my doctor in a couple of days with a list of symptoms. If I had to throw the dice - it will be FM, but alas, I hear it's a tough diagnosis. Anyway, I am a personal chef and work on my feet a few days per week. At the end of a cookday, I am TOTAL EXHAUSTED. So today, I decided to stop and have a couple of glasses of wine and something yummy to eat at a little Tratorria in the neighborhood. I quick drinking wine and all other alcohol several months ago, due to stomach issues. It is tempting to use the alcohol as a temp paid med, but several hours later, I feel hungover...I am somewhat of a health nut and I know that its not good for me - I also take Wellbutrin - yikes...All of the other advice is soo great - now if only I can get into an organized routine and take better care of myself - whether I obtain a diagnosis or not. Thanks again, Chef Beth


Nimu - October 14

Thanks Chefbeth!



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