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Link between IBS, painful joints and HLA gene
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January - June 15

Hi everyone. Today I was doing some reading online. There appears to be some link between the HLA gene (which is correlated with celiac disease and diabetes, among other things), arthropathy (painful joints) and various intestinal problems like IBS, ulcerative colitis and Crohns. Google for these specific things and you will get numerous articles.

Thought it was an interesting connection. I know there is a push on to make us believe fibromyalgia is "all in our heads" - in my opinion, this is a marketing ploy to sell antidepressants. For years, I've met people who have claimed to cure painful "arthritic" symptoms with diet.

If there is a genetic connection that relates to the gut, and antibodies, and inflammation, and how well we absorb nutrients -- and that ties in to painful joint conditions, ranging from the fingers to the spine (from what I read today) -- perhaps nutrition is the root cause of all this?

I don't know… and I am just beginning to read up on this, but wanted to share it with you. Happy googling! : )


Cher0208 - June 16


I believe nutrition is 100% the cause of all of this. Well maybe not 100%. There is also infections, virus' and major stress. Learning a lot listening to free podcasts from underground nutrition. The guy sounds like a spaced out surfer dude at first. But he knows his stuff and his guests are amazing! You can check him out on YouTube. Just listened to the one called "Vegetarian Myth". Fascinating how much damage can be done to your body after years of eating only vegetarian and soy! His guest speaker was a vegan for twenty years and she said she did irreparable damage to her body and even caused an autoimmune degenerative disease. She wrote a book and is a speaker on this.

I was a vegetarian for 2 1/2 years and my symptoms started about 6 months into it.

And what do you think about yeast? I'm starting to believe I have a yeast problem as I show all the symptoms for it. I plan on doing a very gentle herbal yeast cleanse and see what happens. Yeast is thought to be a cause for chronic fatigue.


January - June 16

Hi cher! Very interesting about the vegan diet causing problems. I know you have to be careful about getting the proper combinations of food so that you get the right nutrition. (For example, eating beans with rice ensures you get more complete nutrition than either one alone.) It's a tricky diet. We've had some good shows on PBS lately, many offering different approaches about nutrition and gut health. One fairly new one talks about the importance of phytonutrients - or green foods - claiming they are as important as vitamins, and protect from cancer - and we sure don't get enough of them. I'll have to track down "underground nutrition!"

It's so interesting that your fibro flared up after you went vegan. You might have caused some malnutrition problems if you weren't doing the diet correctly. (I think Axxie had a very good post on B12 recently - did you read it?) B vitamins (water-soluble, so they wash right out of your body easily) are hard to maintain properly on a regular diet. And especially if you already have some kind of trouble absorbing nutrients, it could get problematic. Have you seen a certified nutritionist?

I was quite surprised, but following the strictly gluten free diet pretty much eliminated my myofascial pain. My immune system and my allergies have improved since I've been on it too. Also, no more deep depressive moods. The key (I think) is being very strict about it. A couple of "accidental" croutons in a salad can make me feel really bad for a month or more. But I still have some of the fibro symptoms - so it was a partial cure for me. That was good though!

I do think our food supply has been "broken" for years - and most of us are under-nourished, even though we eat too much. There are too many chemicals and additives in processed food. And food doesn't have a lot of nutrition like it used to - unless you eat organic, and that's really expensive! I really agree with you that some of our symptoms are caused by infectious agents that aren't properly diagnosed or treated. A couple more infections I read about recently, as possibly being linked to fibro, were cytomegalovirus and coxsackievirus.

About yeast. I haven't read enough to know what to say about it. I was given prescription drugs to treat it (when I didn't really have it, according to a second dr.) and just a couple doses of those drugs made me seriously ill! It's an interesting thing to consider - if you're eating a lot of sugar I think you may be more prone to candida problems. If you're going to do a cleanse, try to get some guidance from a naturopath instead of doing it on your own. If you are feeling weak, be extra careful… a friend of mine got pretty sick trying to do a cleanse on herself.

Been wondering how you were - and hope you are feeling better than you were. : )


Cher0208 - June 17

Hey January,

I did not see that post on B12 yet. I will look it up though. When I was a so called vegetarian, I rarely ate vegetables. My diet consisted of cereal, peanut butter and honey sandwiches, soy and almond milk, tempeh, pasta, wraps and tons of sugar. I have always craved carbs and sugar (a symptom of candida- but also a symptoms of many other things). I began having loose stools a month or so before the (fibro)pain began. And continued to have loose stools for well over 8 months! So I definitely think I was malnourished. I basically started seeing a chiropractor/nutritionist. He didn't advise me on what to eat really but he tested me through muscle response testing. At which time he found that I was gluten, corn and soy sensitive. He said I was okay with yeast. But I think it may be a problem. He found that many of my organs were weak including my pituitary gland, hypothalamus, thyroid, stomach, pancreas, gall bladder and I don't remember what else. Then he tested to see which one was a priority to treat. My stomach showed up as a priority. So we treated that. I went back every week and my dosage was always tweaked and whenever one organ healed we moved on to the next priority and some of the supplements would change. It was fascinating. Remember when I was taking Savella and started having low blood pressure? Well, I went to him and he did the test to see if my body could tolerate that medication. I just happened to have it in my bag. And sure enough- it was throwing my body off. I stopped it and felt better. I was diligent about taking the standard process supplements that he was giving me and I slowly got better. Although the real improvements came with consistently improving what I ate.

It's very very hard for me not to consume chocolate, sugar, bread products and so on. I battle it like a drug addiction. Once someone offers me a cupcake or anything sweet, the word no suddenly is missing from my vocabulary. I know I will flare up and be in pain and crave more and more sugar but I still eat it. Vanity is a funny thing because getting a good case of acne is the only time I think twice about eating crap. Right now I am breaking out pretty bad and have not had sugar in 2 days! That's big for me. =) So wish me luck! I really want to kick this habit and get my health back on track.

I looked up those two virus'. I think you are going to discover the cause and cure of Fibro before a doctor does! You are fantastic at researching. There is just so much info out there that I feel bombarded, overwhelmed and confused.

I would love to go see that nutritionist that I spoke about in a previous post. She went to NYU. I will let you know how that goes.

Otherwise, I am doing better. I came to the conclusion that I must have developed a sensitivity to eggs because I was eating them every single morning for months and since stopping them I don't really feel depressed. Now what to eat for breakfast that isn't a sugary cereal or an egg? That is the question.

Hope you are feeling well! Talk to you soon.


January - June 17

Hi Cher - Axxie put up a good post on June 14 titled " B12…" There are a lot of symptoms listed there.

Just a note on your carb cravings… I think that sometimes we really crave exactly the foods that are making us sick! It's very important that you find some way to get protein and good fat into your body. I buy Biochem powdered protein and mix it up in soy milk - I like sweetness too, so I put a tiny scoop of D-ribose in, and it's perfect. I also add a few drops of olive oil. Drop by the store and get a little filet of fish or chicken and eat that - without breading! You can cook it in a little oil or butter with some onions and garlic and whatever sliced veggies you like. It's quick. Or you can buy a couple slices of turkey at a deli. Your body needs fats and proteins, and it sounds like you are focusing on carbs and sugars. Maybe you are just hungry because you're not getting the proper nutrition! It IS like an addiction, and hard to stop eating this way, but you can do it if you just gradually try other things. You have to find what you like, and what's convenient for you. I HATE to cook, so I've had to experiment and find what works for ME.

For breakfast, why don't you have a banana and/or a bit of protein like a slice of turkey meat? You can get protein shakes at the store now, in a bottle - Odwalla makes some that are good, and Naked has a protein shake. Again, they're easy, no cooking involved.

I am not sure what I think about the muscle testing. I know people who swear by it. But I'm pretty grounded in science - and while I keep an open mind, I am not sure that all the people who work with muscle testing are completely trustworthy. But, I don't know. I hope you will see the nutritionist you mentioned; if that person is somehow certified, so much the better. With your carb cravings and skin breakouts, I wonder if you have some form of gluten intolerance. I've written a lot about celiac disease, how I diagnosed myself, went strictly gluten free and got some relief from a lot of symptoms. (NOW my drs. believe me!) I'm not saying that's you… but it's worth a check? Fantod says the stool test for celiac from Entero is the best diagnostic tool. I don't know anything about it. I go entirely on the fact that I improved so much on the diet. But it was very strict and it took a year for me to really get better. That was good enough for the celiac specialist I went to see. I had so many symptoms that improved when I went gluten free.

A note about the breads and sweet stuff. I used to love them too. Learn about mindfulness, and before you eat anything, remember to be mindful BEFORE you put your hand on any piece of food. I learned to take a mindful pause before I put anything in my mouth, almost like saying grace before eating. MINDFUL: Remember how much pain this bread causes you? Is this one piece of bread worth a couple months of pain? It was hard to stop eating it - but I was very sick, and I looked at it like I was saving my life. Now I don't care how much cake is sitting in front of me - I am just not interested. At all. In fact OTHER people get upset that I don't want cake, but I don't! LOL! : ) Good luck on your journey Cher. You can do it, but it sounds like you need to learn more about good nutrition before you play around with diets -- so a consult with a nutritionist might be a good idea.

And… just remember, if you DO have gluten intolerance or celiac disease and you keep on eating flour products made from cereal grains, you could make yourself really sick later on. Think about it. That's why I started this thread - there's some kind of link between intestinal health and joint pain.



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