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Limbs like weights
3 Replies
Charlie - July 26

Please tell me. I have been diagnosed with FMS in the last 3 months, but have had symptoms since a vehicle accidetn over 2 years ago. The last few weeks I have increasingly been literally weak-kneed. I am walking or standing and all of a sudden my legs feel like they don't want to keep me up and I have to sit, RIGHT NOW! My arms feel like they are weighted down and I am unable to lift them. My head feels heavy and I feel that something is pusing my head down into my body. We had an electrical storm today, so maybe I feel so lousy because of that and the barometric pressure, but I have been feeling this way on and off for the past few weeks, with today being the worst. I am so depressed that sometimes I don't know if I can really get through all of this. I am on 150 mg. of Effexor and 10 - 30 mg. of Flexeril. I am also on 7.5 mg. of Zoplicone for sleeping. I, like all of you am in constant pain, which other folk don't seem to understand. I continue to work and at times push myself too much, but I am afraid if I stop then it will be game over. The result of that is when I get home I am so exhausted there is no time for my family and it is only getting worse. I have gained 35 lbs. and my feet hurt, probably from the excess weight, my skin hurts and some days I can hardly bare my clothes touching my body. When I get home at night I can hardly wait to lie on my heating pad, the only thing besides hot showers that give me any relief. The temperature is plus 30 degrees and Iam lying on a heating pad with a fan blowing on me to keep cool and a blanket on my feet because they are frozen!! I am sorry for venting but I know you all understand.


Carrie - July 26

Charlie: Forgive me for laughing, but the image of you lying on a heating pad with the fan blowing to keep cool, and a blanket on your frozen feet... well, it just sounds so ludicrous, but isn't that our lives??? Good for you to vent. You sound like you're in hell right now. Is your family supportive? I would honestly suggest that you do not work with everything that's going on for you. Pushing yourself might actually be the worst thing for you to do. It won't be game over to stop, to rest, to take time to heal. Your story just sounds so desperate, and I was there with my job, right up until I collapsed at work and never returned.... that was almost 6 years ago now. Can you take time off work? Do you have health coverage? Your heavy limbs sound like when I'm totally exhausted. I've just sat down on the floor in shopping malls. It's immediate when it hits. But I haven't heard about the head being pushed into your body....... Get to the doctor soon... please. I hope you have some better days ahead. Carrie


Tim - July 26

Charlie hang in there buddy it can get better as for the pain and heavyness, it will come and go. I was diagnosed with fms in feb.06 and still at times think I am normall until I do some strenuous work then bam exhaustion and pain .. OH! YEAH! now I remember. I was put off of work because of a sensitivity to the dust there, that would slam me down, After ten years with this company and only eight days of sick leave in that time. When I became stricken with this in 2005 they thought I was playing games and treated me like dirt, the stress of it all didnot help. My life has changed and I am learning to live with it in a new format, thats all we can do. Try to get some real rest and take some time for you and don"t get to attached to work, capitolism does not care.. luck to you Tim


Paula - July 26

tell me about it!!! my legs feel like dead weight.. I have had FMS for years now but it has just gotten a lot worse these past months...
my legs feel like led..... i feel like i am walking through quick sand or something... it is a horrible feeling...
Take care



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