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Lidocaine - Why not?
8 Replies
islandguy - November 23

First of all I would like to thank all those that responded to my post about my wife. I appreciate all the kind words and words of hope. - BUT---- I have spoken about lidocaine subcutaneous many times on this forum. I read that many people are unhappy about the feeling all the meds are giving you and the anxiety and anticipated illness that everyone fears is getting worse. So my question is....why has no - one tried this procedure? - - My wife is in the hospital, as I have posted, and it appears that the road with her deteriorating back is going to be a long haul. The pain is unbearable for her as she is dealing with pinched nerves in the back. But that is a different matter for a different thread. - Back to the lidocaine.
During her stay in the hospital my lidocaine was wearing off and I went into a full flare. My understanding from my pain doctors is that fibromyalgia is basically a neurological disorder. It's the nervous system all crossed up telling your brain that you have injured your body when indeed you haven't and you may have only lifted a cup of coffee or whatever. It sends messages to your brain saying that you have injured your muscles and they respond with pain. Fibro is not a degenerative disease. It does not wear down bone nor does it injure anything worse if you use your painful area. It is neurological sending signals to your brain about muscles. - - So the lidocaine is used to freeze the nervous system. It is injected subcutaneously (under the skin) or through an intervenous. - It works for me. If my nervous system is frozen (the same freezing that a dentist uses) it can not respond to pain in the same fashion as fibro wants it to. The pain clinic tells me that they are having great success with this procedure on Fibro patients. And I am one....So again....I see no one that has tried it? If you could get rid of the horrible meds and side effects....wouldn't you?
This procedure is only available to me through the pain clinic and you may need a referal to get this procedure. Ask about it.....maybe just maybe it will work for you. Not to be fooled. It is not a cure for fibro but it does reduce the number 10 pain during a flare and makes life more liveable....
Take care....because I care.....


Fantod - November 23

I am seeing my pain specialist in early December. I plan to discuss this treat ment with him at that time. My thoughts and prayers continue for you and your wife at this difficult time.


JJ1 - November 23

Unlike many here, I am not in a lot of pain. Amitriptyline has alleviated most of my pain and the rest I try to control by managing stress. So I am not a candidate for the lidocaine procedure you mentioned. I could sure use something that unfreezes my brain from fibro-fog, though!


Gabbie - November 24

islandguy, My heart goes out to you and I certainly wish better days ahead for both you and your wife. I haven't tried the lidocaine procedure that you are talking about, at least not yet, because I have been fortunate that the cream has taken away the really bad pain somewhat. Once it kicks in I am able to function so I'm "saving" the possibity of the subcutaneous treatment for the future if I get to the point where I can no longer get relief from the lidocaine cream. I intend to discuss the treatment you are getting to my rheum and find out where I may be able to get it if I need it. I am grateful for all the information you have given all of us on the procedure because I had never heard of it beforehand. In the meantime, I hope that you continue to get good results from it and hope that your flare does not last too long.


Wycklochness - November 26

Thank you for your informative blurb. Interestingly, what you are saying makes sense to me. I have so far managed my pain without medication, by changing my diet and also eliminating as much stress as possible. But......I worked in the garden on the weekend, did the usual things, and by 3.00 in the afternoon I knew it....pain in the hip area, and still going strong now. It's as though every time I get up, my muscles are saying nooo! stay here, they will not give as they normally do. So what you are saying fits, the brain thinks I have injured myself, when what I have done is no different from any other time. At least I have my reward by looking at a lovely garden, in such a drought stricken climate. Yes Australia! It's all food for thought and I appreciate what you are saying. Again, thoughts are with you both. Cheers


agrim - November 27

wow..i'm just now using the patches (not like the injections u have). they r not much for the pain @ times but i'm giving them a try. on lyrica, celebrex and hydrocodone..sometimes good..sometimes not so good.
think i'll ask about the lidocane injections.
well wishes to your wife and yourself.



islandguy - November 27

Hi agrim: Thanks for your post. I have researched fibromyalgia to death and have found that a lot of the meds that the (not knowledgeable about fibro) MDs prescribe do not work for me. The lidocaine has worked the best. .. Check out the website of .. .. follow the link to fibromyalgia on the right of the screen and check out the painkiller section. It actually describes why the opieds like hydrocodone don't work well for pain for fibro sufferers.
Take care.....


linda brown - November 28

hey, i plan on asking my pain doc about the injections because the patches aren't working very well, i'll be praying for you and your wife


lisa1 - November 29

Islandguy, I hope you and your wife are doing better. I went to the pain doctor on 19th. As I said before, I printed out as much information on the procedure as possible as well as all of your posts. I really have tried to educate myself on this disease so I was armed and ready so to speak, to discuss this with her. I live in a large city with some of the best health care in the country.(so I have been told). To make a long story short, she was having none of it. According to her, I need to take all of the other tested medications and adjust them accordingly before I proceed with a procedure that is relatively new to the FM community. Can you believe it. I questioned her as to whether is was better to prescribe pills, then to get the treatment along with exercise and massage therapy. Her answer was wait and see. Lets try what we know first. It goes without saying i am searching for another doctor..In the meantime, thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time. Please take care.



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