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Let's liven up this joint!
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barbar - December 6

Where has everybody gone? I know where they've gone but we have to get back. We were doing a great job of taking care of each other. I especially liked the little 'therapies', like 'things that make you feel good' and 'strategies for coping.' There are more of us reading than writing. Everybody get in here and help. We need more questions, more responses, more observations, and a lot less zapping!


carrie lee - December 6

I agree, we live in a different world than most people and we need each others support. I wish we could have an instant message board so that when I am in trouble at three aam I could get on and see if anyone else was out there to talk to. Also, I almost quit coming to the site because I was getting very depressed. I think we need to offer a hand up for those feeling down but none of us I dont think are doctors so asking is this a symptom or that a symptom doesnt really matter does it"? If it is bothering you and you dont know whatis is then maybe you should bring the physical problem to your MD Let us here as your friends give you confidence love and those virtual hugs. I had loved the idea of posting threads when we accomplished something good or felt good about something but that fizzled out, lets try to bring that back to this site. Me? Well I am awaiting a litter of Boxer puppies due anytime which I hear all of your awws but that means I get to be their Mommy and feed them and clean them because my bitvh has milk poisoning and if I dont take them from her as soon as they are born they will sire;u perish, it's not guaranteed that I can save them but I ave saved several in the past. I dont have grand babies, I have grand puppies!!! All with 2 am feedings, and I thought it would be nice to have another baby?!!lol not after hand feeding thirteen puppies, I'll stick to dogs, let you know when they are born that will be a special day for me. I guess I'm chatty this afternoon. Hope you all have a great day, hugs, carrie lee


barbar - December 6

Puppies!?! How wonderful! Let's say a big WOW for all of our pets. They surely keep us going. I'M sure you'll be able to save your puppies but how about the mom? Is she ok?


Lynne-FT - December 6

Animals are great therapy..unconditional love :)
I finally got back on the site I was unable to logon or post.


carrie lee - December 6

barbar, yes the mother is just fine she just genetically somehoww has bad milk. This will be her fourth litter she gets it by now. It's alot of work with all of those mouths to frrd but her last litter she only had one that was EasterSunday. I brought her in tonight away from the daddy which is killing both of them but I sit through entire labotrs with her and Iy's supposed to be really cold the bext few dats abd nughts ib the teens, with the fibro I couldnnt have handled going andchecking on her to see when her labor starts. : having a hard enough time letting tjje cold. The ,ale has plenty of heat in the dog house I dot worry about him.Thanks for being excited about it with me!!!


Teresa Shefer - December 7

Hello everyone. I am new and I am looking to talk to others that are going through what I am - heck! I am looking to support others and get support in return. There have been many trips to the hospital and 3 years later I get assessed with FMS. I have been through all most all of the symptoms suggested on the front of the site. Tonight I feel a lot of pain. These are the unbareable nights and days.

Lets be each others relief!!



larry - December 7

Hi Carrie Lee- Did you know that you can form groups on and do the instant messages that you wrote about? It is very easy to set up also.


larry - December 7

Theresa- Welcome and with a positive note-the good news is that FMS and CFS are very treatable!! For more info -please reference my post ......"Multiple underlying factors MUST be treated ALL at Once."... dated 12/06/06 by larry . Happy healing!


barbar - December 7

Welcome Teresa!! We are all here to help. We share advice, experiences, hope, and venting space. I have found most helpful just hearing that others are going through the same things I am. It's nice to know I'm not crazy! These things really do exist. Hope you find what you need here, at least some of it, and please fell free to jump in at any time. Carrie Lee: too bad about your weather. It does upset the fibro and the poor puppy-parents, having to have to be separated! Jeep us informed about how they're all doing and take care of yourself.


AmberRose - December 7

I still see some uncompassionate people in this not going to name names..and its not really that htey are uncompassionate its more like they are not lsitening when we say okay we heard you the first time now stop! getting irritating.....i check htis forum still but i think it will be awhile tell it gets back to normal


Jeri - December 9

whaoh! it seems like every post i read has got the same women attacking other posters... what is the deal?



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