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Let's Get to Know Each Other!
13 Replies
Lyle Anderson - January 11

Where are you from? how old are you? any kids? any pets? What's your favorite movie? What do you do to get away from this thing when you can? Are you a member of a faith community? Does that help? Any questions you wanna ask? Ok, here I go: Detroit. 54. No. Yes, but you'd never guess what. Failsafe/Seven Days in May. Play majj jongg on my computer and goto sleep. Yes. Yes. Do you want me to go into any detail? How's that for a start/


Jeannie3 - January 11

Vancouver Island.54.2 older kids. 2cats.
Old Bette Davis movies. listen to music and or read, watch Bette if she's on. No but am spiritual and yes it does help.Have a mate who has Hep C and goes through similar symptoms as FMS.
Question; Lyle sounds like you're male, is that right? Your pet sounds interesting, want to share what it is? Is it a bird by chance.


jhummel03 - January 13

Hello! I'm J. Hummel from Missouri. I have 4 children & an understanding husband. I'm 37 and have had fibro for nearly three years. We have a couple of cats that claim us as their family; Katy Katt & Other, short for Other White Cat! My favorite movie of all time is Star Wars. If I could sit still long enough I would watch all of them over & over!!!! Well, that's it! Pretty BORING!!!!!


Lynne-FT - January 13

You do not ask a lady her age :)
FL Bird, Dog, Cat.
Oh gosh to many movies to name.
Visit my family


BrandyO - January 13

I'm Brandy from eastern Pa .... I'm 52 years old and I have had fibro since I was 12.... I have two lovely daughters, age 27 and 17 (Jennifer and Lindsey)..... and a understanding hubby (John) who loves me for who I am, faults, illness and all..... 2 dogs (Roxi and Tia) ..... one bird (Twizzler) ... I don't recall the name of my favorite movie off hand (darn fibro fog) .... about the only time I am truly away from this illness (if this is what your question meant ) is when I am dreaming/sleeping .... I'm not religious but very spiritual .... I believe everything happens for a reason and I believe we are where we are supposed to be (in life) at any given time. One thing I liked about myself is that I have a forgiving heart. Name one thing you like about yourselves? Peace be with you all.. :)


JJ1 - January 13

I am from Florida currently living near Orlando. I am a 48 year old female. I have three daughters ages 18, 15, and 13. I have a dog (boxer) and a cat (and my 13 year old has two stinking turtles that I would like to be rid of). Can't think of one movie I would call my favorite, but I do love all kinds of movies except gory horror movies. I love boating, traveling, and getting together with friends. I am Christian and my faith helps me. I am married and my husband is very understanding of my flare ups.


guest1 - January 13

Virg, I mean Jeannie3, of course Barbara's -(oops I mean Lyle) pet is a bird. You didn't forget about Percy did you? Remember Percy is the bird that Barbar (opps again, I mean Lyle) loved so much that Barbar planned on dropping him off at the local vets before she killed herself.


Jeannie3 - January 13

Guest l I had it all wrong. I confused Lyle with another lady here whom I thought had a bird. I believe you are trying to stir some bad things up and to what point? Our names don't seem to agree with you but please look at yours.


BRENDA - January 13

Well put Jeannie3!!


BRENDA - January 13

BRENDA here! Iam from CA, Don't ask, two grown kids & 1 grandchild, dog & cat, not really into movie ( I like LOST & HEROES), I like to play solitarie & crosswords ( I think it helps with the FOG), I do have a local church & I I do BELIEVE in the POWER OF PRAYER! Please tell us more.


dream69 - January 13

Stats: Male, 34, Happily Married, Live in Houston Texas. Profession Molecular Biologist. Hobbies Art, Poetry, photography and web design. My wife is pregnant with our first child due in June. Can't wait to be A DAD. Diagnosed with fibro since Dec 2006. the way Lyle dream69 means ideal balance.The 69 is a numerical symbol for yin yang.


Patrice - January 13

Pensacola, Florida; 49; two boys; three dogs; there are several movies I like (Pretty Woman, Erin Brockovich, Titanic); when our family can we love to go to Helen (Georgia) and rent a cabin for a week, sewing, tending my roses and flowers (however, I haven't been able to do much in that area lately), research on computer; yes; yes.


tcmby - January 14

Yes guest1.... you are a smart cookie, thanks for saying what I've been thinking! And TERESA (oops... I mean BRENDA...) may be "from" CA but currently lives in SW Missouri with her pet cat Bobby in a trailer. Lyle (Ooops again... fibro fog... I mean Barbar) does have a bird named Percy. I have actually seen a picture she downloaded online of her & Percy on a bird enthusiast's site.... she was posting there as recently as YESTERDAY... I know its her because she mentioned this fibro site there a few months ago, which directed me here..... such a VERY poor covering of one's tracks!


tcmby - January 14

To: BRENDA~TERESA : I also "believe in the POWER OF PRAYER" as you said... and even after ALL you've done out here.... I will still say one for You!



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