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legal marijuana - anybody trying it?
8 Replies
islandguy - April 2

My doctor has resently prescribed me some cessamet capsules to try out. I was a little reluctant as I am old school and still see marijuana users hiding around corners, etc and always felt that there was a stigma attached to the user. Now, I don't really care. I have been taking the capsules for about a week now at bedtime and this is the first medication that I can honestly say has given me a week of great sleep.
Side effects: for me ..... hard to wake up and stay awake for the first hour or so. Secondly...real dry mouth and occasional headache. But for the time being I am trading the side effects for the reduced pain.
Anyone else...."trying it?"


Wonka - April 4

It reduces my pain and decreases high anxiety. I was a teen in the 70s so I have no problem using it. lol


bharmon - April 24

Thanks for replying to my question about my doctor not recognizing my disabling condition. I don't know why I keep going to such a unfeeling, incompassionate MD. He knows I'm trying to get disability and he is not one to symphasize.

Gosh I'm afraid to try Marijuana - I guess it is because I've never used it. But the Lyrica is certainly making me gain weight. Doing a lot of research on the pain and they say that Message by the right kind of therapist works good and that mattrece toppers can help! Anything is worth a try islandguy. Also you might want to go to the site as this machine looks like it would be very relaxing and there is a 30 day money back guarantee. What do you have to loose. Its called back2life machine. Good luck on your pain.


islandguy - April 24

I was the same way with the Marijuana. Never did it, thought less of people that did (in my mind) but it works. The capsule marijuana is different than smoking it. The gov't approved capsules are marijuana without the "getting stoned" feeling. They describe it as a body stone. Relaxation and for me a good sleep aid. One capsule before bed and I barely move until morning which is different that the "barbeque rotissere" that I used to be. It is not a cure but it does help when you can get some quality sleep. I don't take it all the time but on bad days it is a blessing.
Take care


Fantod - April 25

isandguy - I am glad you found something that actually makes you more comfortable. Sounds like you are "using" without the brownie part to me - lol. Less fattening for sure. If it works, and you can actually get some quality sleep who cares? God knows you seem to have tried everything else.
I am happy for you!


anglyn - June 27

I am 38 and I have no problem using it. The only problem that bothers me is that it is illegal here. But when it stops the pain and I can clean house, bend and flex my muscles, I am no longer bothered. I have stopped taking my pain meds and now I just smoke. It does have many drawbacks, but the advantages outweigh them all.


axxie - June 27

Islandguy, if it works, who cares what you take, I actually think it's less harmful then some of those pills we take.

Many years ago about 30 yrs to be precised, my doctor had prescribed me the capsules some while in hospital, while receiving chimo, it didn't work for me. I was still very sick and it seem that made it worst.

I would have to eat the stuff, hubby think's still that it's bad stuff, (he so square) lol.

I do have to say that my Cymbalta works for me.

Keep on feeling better, that is all that counts.


dolphin22 - October 15

I have been recently battling with myself weather or not to resume taking the combination of cymbalta and lyrica that I was taking for about 8 months. The meds did work for me, but the side affects were pretty awful. I really can not continue to live in pain and suffer the way I have been. I had finally given up, and few weeks ago, I was about to re-start my meds.
Out of the blue my boyfreind asked if I would be willing to smoke a little Marijuana and see if it helps. I found it helped so much. It helped the pain and the burning and it actually cleared the fibro fog in my head. I never thought I would be the type to smoke, but as a last resort it actually helped. My only concern is the social/illegal issues and I am not sure what would happen if I were to continue to use Marijuana to manage Fibro. I would love to hear some feed-back.


belle1329 - October 16

what is the name of this type of marijuana pill? so I can ask my Dr. I admit I have smoked before and it has helped, but would not do it to go to work or to a function. Thanks



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