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Leg problems?
2 Replies
Chris2 - August 10

Hi all, Have any of you had a spot on your leg that goes numb? I mean it feels like it's "asleep". It only lasts for a few seconds to a couple of minutes, but it's annoying. It also goes along with a toe on my left foot that also goes numb. Any info would be good, thanks.


noel - August 10

The outside edge of my right leg goes numb almost everyday and my toes also randomly go numb... i was told it was depression(whatever). If you have been having this problem for a while then you need to discuss it with a doctor...if they fob you off then demand. I spent 2 years being told all my problems were depression but after following advice from someone else on this forum i finally got diagnosed with fibro...this only happened because i finally took charge of my own medical care, i told the doctors which tests i wanted, i provided evidence from internet sources to back up my requests...eventually the doc listened. I get so many weird and random symptoms that its hard to keep track of them, i found it best to tell the doctors only about the ones that affected me the most... if you tell them about every last thing they just think you're a hypochondriac(hope thats spelt right). You may need emg and nerve conduction tests. Hope you get to the bottom of it, if i find out whats wrong with my leg in the meantime i will post it on the forum, it may prove helpful to you. Good luck


Chris2 - August 10

Hi Noel, thanks for the reply. I've had Fibro for a number of years, but haven't had any problems like this one. A lot of doctors like to through the depression word around. I guess when they don't know they think they can baffle us with nonsense. It is the outside of my upper left thigh that is going numb. I'm going to get tested for Spondylosis, I've got lots of damage to C5,C6, C7 in my neck, so it might have something to do with it. I've been fighting with doctors for several years, over the weird symptoms so, I know what you mean. It's always an uphill battle and as a man they usually tell us it's only pain. Well, I wish you luck. If I get any info I'll pass it along to you here. Yours in healthy living, Chris2.



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