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Leg pain with thigh pain,burning on inner thigh
6 Replies
mommyintx - June 25

I am having severe leg pain and has been going on for the last 18 months. I do have positive ANA but I have tested negetive for Lupus both times so it was ruled out. I am in constant pain due to knee pain,leg pain,lower back pain,hurting under ribs,heel pain,flnak pain, jaw pain, ear pain. You name it, I've had the pain. Here lately the leg pain has gotten worse and it seems like it starts from my lower back near my tailbone. I had an MRI a few months ago and it was all normal. I do have pelvic floor dysfunction and uterine prolapse but now I'm wondering if muscle weakness may have caused it. My leg pain hurts to walk and when I sit. ALl of my blood work comes back good. My cholesterol is good and so is everything else. My doctor said my leg pain was related to my autoimmune disease after he looked at it. I burn in my inner thighs. It feels like my inner thighs are on fire but nothing is ever there when I show the doctor. I even went as far as to be tested for lymes disease and it was also negative. Does anyone else have the leg pain? How do you deal with it?


charliebrown - June 26

I don't know if you are suffering from the same pain as I am, but it feels like your skin is on fire, or that you have had frostbit and the skin is thawing out, or maybe like like rug burn or indian rope-burn. This is the best I can describe it. It is not the same kind of pain that we all suffer from deep muscle pain. This pain is 24-7 and gets worse with bad weather conditions/ I am seeing a specialist in fibromyalgia and she said it is yet another symptom. Warm baths, hot showers help and nothing else. What I have found to help the most is an electric blanket. It is very hot here, over 80 degrees, but I still rest with my heating blanket, it does not kill the pain, but it does take the edge off it. My pain is down the front of both legs to my feet, across my lower back and buttocks, across my shoulders and down the front of my arms to my wrists. I have had this now for the last 6 months and find it worse than any of the other pain I suffered before. Hope this helps. P.S. Mine started with just my thighs. Anyone with any answers?


mommyintx - June 26

My burning is the same as yours. It feels like a bad sunburn and it starts off in my inner thigh. The muscle pain starts off from my inner thigh and moves across my lower back down to my legs and feet and heel. I had an MRI of my lower back and it was normal. A friend of mine told me it could be lymes disease. I was tested for lymes a few months ago and it was negative but I also heard that Quest lab usually has false results even when you have the disease. I'm thinking about getting retested but at another lab.


psawejko - June 28

I have the same burning. It is definitely a part of the FMS. Usually my pain meds help take the edge off of it.


Fantod - June 28

In reading all of these posts, I was just weondering if any of you have been prescribed Nuerontin which is used to treat nerve pain. It might relieve some of your symptoms. Good luck to all of you.


ghdavis - June 28

There is a connection between FMS and ADD (ADHD). Look at the web site at The hostess has some excellent information on that site, and she is now out of pain.


charliebrown - June 29

My doctor has tried prescription for nerve meds, but I had no success at all with it.



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