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Leg Pain when resting
2 Replies
myla57 - May 11

I've had fibro. for over 10 years so I pretty well know what to expect and have handled it the best I can. Lately I've developed a new symptom that I don't know is from the fibro. or the bad disks in my back. When sleeping or sitting in the recliner, I have a constant, aching pain in my left leg, esp around my knee. I can't lay on that side at night and the pain gets me out of bed in the mornings. I don't see my Rheum. until July. Anyone else had this experience?


volocano - May 24


This was one of my first symptoms in the exact same area - left leg knee - it is very difficult because it makes it nearly impossible to rest without moving around every few moments. Even sitting for long periods of time is difficult. My doctor prescribed a muscle relaxant for my restless legs and it helps with the pain in my legs for night time sleeping.


goddessgurl - July 9

i too have fibro and chronic pain due to disk desease. my left knee and legs hurt all the time. i ended up watching the doctors show on tv and they had a guy that had a neurostimulator put into his back. they put two leads in the area beside the spinal cord and then a machine in your butt. then they turn it on and adjust it. i had it put in five days after seeing the tv show. it has reduced my pain in my legs and knees. i know it seems extreme but im glad that i got it put in. though u cannot have mri done with the machine in your body. and you have to carry a card around for airports and the stores that have magnetic security systems. if you want to find more info on it try going to the doctors website and put in neurostimulator to see the show video or google neurostimulator. my knee doctor said that it was pain from the back pain. if you have a pain management doctor you may want to tell him your symptoms. he/she can start off with muscle relaxants, and other medications and if you get real serious about relief and the meds dont work try the neurostimulator. its a life saver. and it can also help the back pain too.



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