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leg pain
9 Replies
Mary Kay - June 13

I was diagnosed in 1994 and have had most of my pain in neck, shoulders and chest. Two years ago I had breast cancer and was put on Arimidex which causes joint pain which I have been dealing with. Recently, the pain has gone from my knees to my calves and thighs. Is it possible for fribromyalgia to move to these places after all of these years?


JJ - May 15

I frequenlty have pain popping up in new areas. I only have about two spots on my body where I have had constant pain for a long period of time (left lower back and left big toe).


Tammy - May 16

I would have to say, yes it is possible, when mine first started it was my neck, as things got worse the pain was in my arm, then it went to my thighs, now when i have a flare up, it's just everywhere, it's been raining here in MA. for a week now, and i have pain everywhere, i get pains from my feet up to my face, feels like someone take a needle and just jams it in my thigh, also feel very weak, just had to use to hands to pour my daughter some milk...can't wait for the weather to change,,


Rebecca - June 13

I constantly have pain in my thighs, so I think it's possible.


Jocelyn - March 13


I see you are from Massachusetts, so am I. I have Fibro and Sjogren's. Would love to chat. Let me know.


nikita3 - March 14

I find that when the pain strikes it usually happens in different places each time, kind of like a random prize draw, and these places can be anywhere on the body. However, I would say the most frequent places where pain occurs for me is neck, left side of chest and thighs. My thighs are particularly sensitive at times and I've sometimes had to stop my partner from rubbing or stroking them even softly because it hurts a lot. Quite the opposite of what you'd assume to be an arousal technique :)


navydad - March 15

is it a burning type pain,, ?,, a crushing pain?,, there are so many things that can cause this pain, ,does it happen when your on your feet,, get better at rest,, mine burn constantly,, it never lets up,, I dont have diabetes, but I cant walk on the driveway,, the asphalt feels to hot,, what ever were all suffering from its a living nightmare,, a true mightmare


sek1950go - March 19

My legs, hips and thighs hurt all the time especially at night before bedtime. I have to take a Soma just to relax enough to get my 3-4 hours of sleep. I hate taking so many meds but I know I couldn't make it through the day without them.


Noca - March 22

I just had a testosterone IM injection into my thigh last night and it really kills today. Feels like someone hit it with a cinder-block. I'm supposed to have these every 3 weeks for the rest of my life so, iunno what I'm going to do.


Jocelyn - March 22

Noca, for what reason do you need these shots? Can you explain more.



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