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left shoulder blade and arm pain?
6 Replies
bulgarian - August 17

Have you ever had shoulder blade pain/cramp and a arm weakness and could it come from Fibro or not?


Amelia Jane - August 27

well, I seem to be having this problem right now. I have been worried, thinking is this a heart attack or the fribro. It is so hard to have pain all the time, then when you get a new one, you are never sure of what is causing it. I have been to my dr many times for chest pains thinking I was having a heart attack... But it was the fibro. I think this could definitly be caused by the fibromyalgia, but if it worsens I would get with your dr to make sure. Can't be too careful.


tnichel - August 28

These symptoms were the main factor for me being diagnosed with fibro. Before then doctors brushed off my complaints. the arm pain had gotten so bad I could hardly move it. it's not as bad now that I'm on meds. This pain can also creep into your neck. Do back and arm stretches. Get a massage to loosen you up. I bought a massager you strap to a chair and I use it whenever my back muscles tighten up leading to arm pain. Make sure you have a good matress and pillow. My chiropractor also suggested massaging your forearms to help keep the carpal tunnel from narrowing. Massage with your opposite hand. If you have your arm sticking straight out it would be the top of your forearm where you feel the tendons leading to your hands. Hope this helps.


Beone - September 6

I have used a hot wheat bag to help me with this symptom, also gentle stretching, yoga and massage, the pains have also gone to the chest at times they have been quite bad of late. I got checked out at the Doc's they found nothing of concern, but that helped my thinking process,
hope this helps
Love Beone


ibritz - September 7

I had the same symptoms several years ago. I had Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. There can be an extra rib at the top of the ribs up by the neck. The thoracic artery runs through that area and gets pinched as there is not enough room. My orthopedic dr gave me the initial evaluation and sent me to a special thoracic surgeon. Not all vasular doctors do this surgery. It is very delicate!


quinpat34 - September 29

I had this problem before and was worried and tensed about the health. The pain was severe sometimes with a feeling of nailing on the shoulder. As every normal person does, I didn’t care about the pain, but once it got severe, I went to see my physiotherapist in Mississauga at Dynamic Physiotherapy clinic to discuss the severe pain and he suggested some regular shoulder exercises along with physiotherapy. I think it’s the best thing to do if you are worried about the pain.


Lev31 - October 4

I am a 31 year old male and have researched alot of treatments for this annoying knot. many like chiro adjustments or massage only help for a day or 2. I have found a cure after experimenting finally i believe, mostly it was a magic food that destroyed toxins in that shoulder blade area



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