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Law Of Attraction
6 Replies
Theodora - November 16

Do you ever think the more you talk about somthing, the worse it get? if you hurt & concentrate on that ALL THE TIME you will feel pain more. i work as caregiver for many years & see the worst cases are the one who talk only of they pain constantly. it become total identity. some lady are here everyday! talk about this symptom, that drug, this pain, that one. there is something call 'law of attraction' mean you ALWAYS get more of what you focus on. this is how the universe & physics work, not theory. it is good to get advice or some help from other who understand, but only YOU decide how much power you give this pain! dont let it steal you life! i know, i have fibro too! there is new movie called THE SECRET that teach about law of attraction. Google that..... maybe good idea to concentrate on something positve & affirm life instead of how bad things are? Look & see what your thoughts can do to WATER... now ask what you thoughts can do to you & your BODY (you are 80% water!!!) what a man beleive he will soon become. this is not fiction, this is science & facts. my english is not so good, but i am smart woman who know science & medicine. God Bless >>>>>>


Virg - November 16

You're right Theodoro and I'm sure so many of us blow off the negative things by asking questions and responding on this forum then saying yeah I'm not alone and will look into this or that .Hope brings a euphoria that could ease lots of hurts.


andi - November 16

"What the BLEEP do we know" is a FANTASTIC documentary!! I have it recorded and saved. My husband actually watched it one day when I was gone and commented on how good it was! That was amazing! He normally doesn't get into that kind of stuff...............but I use to teach Physics, Biology and Chemistry BEFORE I GOT THIS FM!...........and I love books etc on topics like that.
Anyway, if you get a chance to visit Theodora's site she posted.....or watch it...........Its really good! In fact, I'm not working today and its raining.....I think I'll watch it now!!!! :)


Lynne-FT - November 16

I agree kinda like mind over matter... to a certain point, I had an mri today for my lower back that was at 1 today and I am still hurting and sick to my stomach from the pain I was in laying on that machine.
I laid there saying the lords prayer, counting backwards from 100, concentrated on breathing and meditation. By the time I was allowed up I could hardly sit up they had to help me off the table.


Theodora - November 19

lets try to be positive for each other ladies. where your thoughts go.... energy flows.... why not think on good ones? some say they heal they CANCER by laughing therapy! we use now only 5% of our brain! think of all we pass up & miss from BIG picture.... we can get better, this is true fact. I have seen it happen! stay postive, FEEL GOOD! God Bless.


Theodora - November 21



barbar - December 17

Hey, can you check in and let us know how you're doing?



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