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Larry's got a cure
8 Replies
barbar - November 21

I posted this in one of the other strings, but it is important enough to have it's own string: Attention Larry: I can't mention all the things my doctor does for me, there isn't enough room. You are right, you measure a doctor's worth by how much you can be healed. I apparently have a severe case of FMS. I am most of the medications people mention here, 9 in all, and of course, there is still some pain but it is not like it is were I not on the medication. But if you know of the cure for FMS, I wish you would share it with us. It would be a great help. I REALLY need a cure. Anybody else got one? Barbar


TERESA - November 21

Barbara, I am apperently in the same shape as you!! I too am on several meds& have taken many more that didn't WORK! I have found a regiment that seams to be working for me right NOW! I am not PAIN FREE & I don't expect to be. I too have problems getting up & out the door. WE ARE NOT ALONE IN OUR PAIN AT THIS SITE!! I am so grreatful for the support I get here! I realy appreciate the post that you &others here do to lighten up our moods!! We are here not because we want to wallow in our misery, but rather have the support of others in our condition!!! Thank you for bringing us to the lighter side of life every so offten!!! We all have other daily struggles & HAPPY TIMES that we need to SHARE that have nothing to do with FMS! Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


barbar - November 21

Oh Teresa, you are so sweet! I really appreciate your compliments. It makes you feel good kknowing that you're touching others positively. I am going to post another string asserting the values of B-12 shots and getting a good night's sleep on a good mattress. It is makes a lot of difference in my life. These are some other strategies we can use to help make it through the day and home. Barbar


larry - November 22

I am so happy for you now that you "get it". Getting better might feel odd at first since change is hard, especially since being sick for so long has almost been our identity and afterall, if we can be honest with each other, it does have it's payoff with sympathy and attention. When I finally "got it", I opened my mind to new info and made the decision to change, I quit defending the concept and belief that this syndrome is not treatable. I finally let go of the need to "be right" that I am a victim to this syndrome. (that book that Theadora mentions talks about the fibro personaility of "needing to be right" and being a "perfectionist" . My choice was "be right and stay sick" or " be wrong and get better". I chose "be wrong and get better". This decision has been the best decision I ever made, afterall what I was doing wasn't working for me. Change is hard, you can do it. I'm cheering you on.....Happy Thanksgiving.


larry - November 24

Hi Teresa, to answer your question about what do I mean by my post above where I wrote ---- " I am so happy for you now that you get it" ----this was written in response to your post ( which is no longer here) where you stated several times "I GET IT", I hope this helps clear up the confusion. I hope you had a good day with your family.


CarrieLee - November 27

Larry, what was the name of that book you mentioned before?


teresat - December 9

Name: JJ1 | Date: December 4, 2006, 10:25
Answer: Hope you don't mind me asking, but Larry, are you a "kathy" (as in the e-mail address you provided) or a "larry"? if you are a kathy, mind sharing why your user name here is "Larry" (or vice versa, if you are a Larry why is your e-mail Kathy)? =


teresat - December 9

Larry, what is the answer to JJ1 question???


BrandyO - December 9

I'm confused about the Larry/Kathy name too. Are you a male or female. We all want to know, LOL.



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