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Larry/Kathy: Just tell us BASICALLY what we need to Know
4 Replies
barbar - December 11

If I may speak for some, based on what I have been reading in the posts, Larry/Kathy, I believe you have been misunderstading us. I believe that everyone here WOULD LOVE to be free of FMS. But, first, we must be sure of the diagnosis. Second, we are all of limited means. We have to work carefully with our finances and our insurance, not to mention our energy levels and our family and work commitments. With all of that in mind, I don't think we need to know all the medical details of how this or that works. What we need is critical contact information on where to go for what and what the processes are for getting rid of this thing. Although your medical posts are fascinating and illuminating, what good does it do me to know the intricacies of hypothyroidism? That doesn't mean anything to me. What would mean something would be, for example, I had such and such symptom for which I was prescribed such and such and over this amount of time, I experienced this and that alleviation of the symptom. We need to know about the experience of the remedy and the experience of accessing the remedy. Do you understand? Each of us has our own signature FMS. Some may need IV B-12 and some may need something else. (BTW, I already receive B-12 injections and although very helpful, they leave much to be done.) So please, anyone/everyone: What have you done that works? How well does it work? What does it do for you? How does it make you feel? For how long? Are the symptoms totally or partially remedied? For how how? Was the symtom alleviated after you had finished taking the medication, e.g., the remedy was permanent, or do you have to continue with the medication? Were there side effects to the medication? How much did the treatments costs? Were they worth it? How did they affect your life? What impact have these remedies had on your life? Your Work? Your family? WE NEED INFORMATION AND DATA ON THE EXPERIENCE, THE PERMANENCE; THE IMPACT AND EFFECTS, SIDE EFFECTS, INTERACTION WITH OTHER MEDICATIONS OR CONDITION, THE COSTS, AND WHERE TO GO TO GET ALL THIS. I would find such information far, far more helpful than descriptions of the disease. I NEED INFORMATION ON THE PROCESS OF GETTING HEALED NOT THE PROCESS OF THE DISEASE. I read your lengthy postings (mine are lengthy, too). I read them, I follow them, and I take them to heart . BUT THEY ARE NOT WHAT WE NEED. We need help on getting better, not interesting information on what makes us sick.


teresat - December 12

Larry/Kathy here's another question to you that I'm sure will go unanswered..... Are you a doctor or do you just play one on the internet?????


AmberRose - December 12

I agree with barbar one hundred percent....i beleive thats why we were all so frsutrated and irritated.


larry - December 12

teresat- let me pull up a chair and check my gallbladder first! LOL.....

On a more serious note, Barbar, AmberRose, I have answered the questions above in my posts already, several times. It didn't seem to be read as no one ever posted back so I started to do the "cut n paste" from the fibro site. I hope this helps. It is a 6 stage process for healing. I am in stage 4. It is too long to post again. The info is on their wedsite if you want more info on the process and also on some of my previous posts. I hope this helps.- Barbara- all six components have to be addressed simutaneously so ordering vitamins can help but you have to tackle the under lying conditions as well, the infections, and balance your hormones as well otherwise you won't get results, the cure. You might get some symptoms relieved but you won't get to the root of the syndrome to heal and cure this. God luck.


barbar - December 12

Larry, Just stop. I already know all of what you are saying. You are not telling me anythng new. The difference between us is that I am taking a multi-prong approach to managing my wellness that is in fact far more comprehensive than your approach. I also have other medical conditions that mitigate my problem. So just stop. You do not have a monopoly on knowledge and you don't know when you've crossed the line. We've heard you; we've listened; we've even tried to access the same solution you have. Our situations and consequences are different. Leave us alone and move on to another topic. If you can't stand listening to us complain when we could be following your game plan (which we tried) and getting healed, then....well... do you have any other hobbies?



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