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Larry---I checked
12 Replies
barbar - December 8

Here's the deal, gang: Dr. Teitelbaum is no longer practising in Annapolis. He is now a lecturer for the Firbro and Fatigue, Inc. and lieves in Hawaii. I called all the numbers for for the F&F centers and I get recordings saying they will call me back. I called the main 800 number (or 866 in this case) and got operators who answered my questions by reading from boiler plate. The operators are located in call centers in Panama City, Panama. The first and second visits to the F&F centers are $350, and you can apply for reimbursement from your insurance. My insurance company was not too positive on the F&F centers (I'll tell you that later). The cruncher for me is when I was told that I could get an IV treatment (for and additional $145) on my very first visit----that is, BEFORE THEY DID ANY BLOODWORK OR HAD ANY CLINICAL ASSESSMENTS COMPLETED. Larry, you have gone on and on about how great the bloodwork is for these centers and how they base their treatment on such wonderful clinical tests and then I find out, I can just hand over more cash and get a treatment---an IV treatment, mind you---without any of these tests. It all sounds like a scam to me and I have seen a number of scam artists exploiting FMS sufferers. How do I know that you are not part of the scam, where you go to various fibro support web sites and mimic and FMS sufferer, giving out all this wonderful information. I was with you there until I actually called to set up an appointment. (I had gone to a fibro specialty center before but not one in this network.) Once I contacted, or tried to contact your people, I discovered the best I could do to get information was an operator in a call center in Panama City who probably answered Fibro Center calls and Psychic hotline calls. This is unbelievable! You can spout all the complex, scientific-counding, medical lingo you want, but the bottom line is that when I actually called to get help and information, it all sounded like a scam. And Larry/Kathey/Whomever, you are working for them. I was one of your supporters. You encouraged me to go get help and I did, I called to make an appointment and get information. I found out that the one doctor that used to be closed to me is now "operating out of Hawaii" but STILL HAS PHONE NUMBERS FOR A PRIVATE PRACTICE IN ANNAPOLIS and I can shell out a grand total of $505 and get an IV treatment WITHOUT the benefit of any medical testing or bloodwork!!!!! This sounds incredibly suspicious and don't acuse me of spreading negativity---I'm spreading the facts, however negative they might be. Can you imagine, an IV treatment---made from their own 'natra-ceuticals', that is, 'medication made in their own pharmacy labs from all natural products'---without lab work. They're gonna just shoot this stuff up your arm for 500 bucks. Show me this isn't another fibro rip off.


Virgie - December 8

You have a point there barbar.


larry - December 8

Thank you so much for all of your great detective work. I wish I had known that their new medical director had a house in Hawaii, I would have NEVER gone. That just makes me so angry. I think you are right, it is all a scam. I am sorry that I forgot to tell you about the psychic hotline. Didn't they ask you to bring a live chicken in with you on your first visit to get a discount? And, how dare they, the nerve of them to offer an IV of vitamins B-12. to their sick patients without bloodwork. It is absolutely horrible to learn that a doctor would prescribe vitamins and nutrients w/o bloodwork. I am going to demand EVERY time I visit a doctor from now on that he/she does blood work on every visit before they give me vitamins! Thanks for your help, I think?
On a serious note- No one is trying to convince anyone of anything or to go anywhere. You have free will, it is your life. My posts are not for everyone, As I have mentioned many times. Your perception is your reality. Knowing that a doctor has a house in Hawaii or that they have a call center in Panama city (which is common by the way for companies based out of Texas) are facts that you can interpret anyway that you want, you have free will. I do find it fascinating though that some people think each post is specifically and personally written to them and get so wound up. You are right to feel the way that you do and it is OK. There is no need to engage in "right-fighting" with me, I am here to help, construct- not destruct. Your reality is your perception and it is ok.. I made a risk-free offer to help anyone that can't get to a f&f center on another post, if I can help you pls feel free to ask, with an open heart. I will continue to post information on reversing this syndrome and my wish for you is that you get well soon.


Amyloo - December 9

Barbara, Thanks for checking this out. I don't think I would be comfortable with this situation; it is good that people can now know this. God bless, Amy


CarrieLee - December 9

Barbar, you sure spent a whole lot of time on that.... why not try to channel that energy into something positive? Some of us just *have to be right* and have a mission to come after others and prove them wrong.... I am getting better & I don't have to go to any special doctor or place. So am I a Liar & Heretic too? You can get well! But if you BELIEVE you cannot, and never step outside that limited thinking... of course you will not & it will seem impossible! This place makes me sick sometimes.


teresat - December 9

Thank you Barbara for doing the research!! Some DO appreciate IT! I for one can't afford it either!!!


AmberRose - December 9

ive seen this a few times in here now ..what in the world is "right -fighting'?


JJ1 - December 9

I hope anyone thinking of going anywhere would do what you tried to do, barbar. You didn't do any heavy duty detective work. You just called to ask questions and set up an appointment. I would hope anyone would not blindly follow any recommendations that they find on the internet, no matter how legitimate it may seem or how knowledgeable the one promoting it may seem. It is common sense......another word of caution....just because something is "natural" it is not safe and it also has not likely gone through clinical trials and quality control testing that more conventional medications must go through for approval.


JJ1 - December 9

correction -- I did not mean to say that natural medicines are unsafe, I meant to say that being natural does not make something automaticially safe.


teresat - December 9

Since we are on the topic of weird remedies..... I was reading a Dr Gott post that said people who suffer with joint pain, should take 1oz of unsweetened pectin ( like they use for jams & jellies ) in an 8oz of PURPLE grape juice everyday, to help with pain! He'e readers swear by it!! I have just started so I don't know if it is helping, but it can't HURT!!


teresat - December 9

P.S..... I don't know why it has to be purple grape juice either, the article didn't say! My guess eould be for the antioxidents in it.


barbar - December 11

You guys understand. I was actually following Larry/Kathy's suggestions and going to one of the centers he/she recommended. I simply asked the basic questions that anyone would ask when setting up an appointment. And Larry/Kathy: the point is not that Dr. Teitelbaum has a house in Hawaii but that he now lives there and is one of the head gurus for the organization. It is NOT simply a matter of a house. And NO, you should not let anyone pump vitamins into you UNLESS YOU KNOW THAT YOU NEED THEM. Excessive vitamin treatments can be toxic and dangerous. Moreover, wouldn't you like to know that whatever medication you are receiving has been FDA approved? My point was that after all the touting about the sophistication of the blood work and testing these centers do---something that is supposed to make them stand out from other medical alternatives---I found it odd that the centers would administer anything to a patient WITHOUT the use of any of that bloodwork. Basically, what I found out, just by asking the basic questions, is a fundamental contradiction: On the one hand, I was told that this bloodwork and my sesion with the doctor would result in medication designed SPECIFICALLY FOR ME, specifically for the needs that blood work identified. Yet, as long as I was willing to pay, they would medicate me WITHOUT use of the bloodwork. How can you design medication for me without looking at the lab results? How can you possibly just have sitting around in your supply, a medication that ffits exactly MY NEEDS without the benefiof knowing what those needs are? I don't understand how that's possible. Larry/Kathy, if you can explain how they can know which configuration of vitamins I would need and at what dosage without the benefit of this very expensive lab work that I am paying for, I would surely like to know. And don't misunderstand us---or at least me. I WAS ACTUALLY IN THE PROCESS OF SETTING UP THE ARRANGMENTS YOU WERE PROSCRIBING. I had taken all of your postings to heart and was doing what you said. It was in the process of doing what you said that I discovered all of this. It's just a fundamental contradiction: you can't design medication specifically for me without looking at those lab results. That is simply makpractice. Period.


barbar - December 11

P.S. Larry/Kathy: Those weren't my perceptions I reported in either of my postings here; those were hard, empirical facts. Everyone else is free to call---866-337-3339---and ask the same questions. How much does it cost? How does it work? How soon can I be treated? How long does the treatment take? Can my own doctor here conduct any of the protocols? Is the medication you administer FDA approved?



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