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Lack of Sleep
9 Replies
Julia - June 4

My doctor wont prescibe sleeping tablets as they are addictive is there something I can that isnt addictive


Lynne - May 26

Lunesta is not supposed to be addictive but it is expensive. I am taking Elavil before bedtime it has helped me to sleep a lot better.


kerri - May 26

i've been taking Lunesta for about three months now and it's the best thing i've ever done! i sleep like i haven't slept in years! works within minutes of taking it, so you have to take it RIGHT before bed. a full 8 hours later, almost like clockwork, my eyes open and i feel as if i actually slept!!! it is expensive, but i get mine through Express Scripts and it's a 90 day supply for one copay. That's with insurance, of course.
I also take Elavil at night, with the Lunesta. the combo works perfectly for me. i tried doing just the Lunesta, no go.


Amethyst Angel - May 27

I swear by Trazodone. (I wasn't able to sleep at all before taking it but now the most I'll wake up is once a night.) It works quickly, too.


Jean_ - May 28

Ask your doctor about rozerem 8mg, it is a hollistic sleep aid that works over time like melatonin but it's prescription. I'm on it and I'm still trying to decide if it helps or not. Some nights maybe but other nights not so much but everyone is different.


dana - May 28

Rozerem is the first prescription sleep aid that is non-addictive, and is approved for long term use, probably expensive without insurance. I am taking a muscle relaxer, Zanaflex, and it is doing a great job. I'm assuming you have already tried benadryl, melatonin?


Chris - May 31

Have you tried valarian root? It doesn't smell that good, but it works sometimes.


JJ - June 1

My doctor gives me Elavil. It is an antidepressant but used to help Fibromyalgia symtoms. While not a sleeping pill per se, it helps you get the deep restful sleep you need to feel refreshed in the morning (may sleeping pills put you to sleep, but not the deep restful sleep, so you are still tired and groggy when you wake up).


Judy - June 1

I am off the sleeping Pills thanks to the monavie juice I think you really should try it. I sleep all night and yes sleeping pills are very addictive as with most drugs they give us for fibro. I dont have to take any antidepressants now either.


Jean_ - June 4

I have recently tried a medication called rezerem 8mg. It is a melatonin prescription holistic medication. Been on it a month but nothing will put you to sleep if pain over-rides. You have to get rid of the pain. Look it up on Medscape, it will tell you all about it.



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