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Knee pain
4 Replies
rcrchick29 - September 4

I think i injured my knee back in the early summer at the beach, i went to an ortho doctor and of course the first thing he did was give me a cortisone injection, it helped for 3 days, after another 3 weeks, he ordered an mri, which only showed some inflammation on the side its hurting, i have had problems with my knees for a long time, but i guess i wanted some opinions on how long i should let this go without any improvement before seeing the doctor again, is it not healing because i have fibro? i know i usually dont heal like a normal healthy person, but it is still bothering me bad and the orthopedic doctor said there was no tears or anything and that there wasnt much he could do.


Fantod - September 4

Get a second opinion from an orthopedic specialist that treats knees specifically. You can call your local hospital physician referral service and ask them for a doctor. A sports medicine specialist might just be the ticket. I have FMS and have always been a poor healer. Knees are nothing to fool around with. Better to take the time to get another opinion than have an undiagnosed problem that causes even more damage. Take care.


ibritz - September 7

I got some relief from Hyalgan, Sinvisc, and Supartz injections in my knees. I have no cartilege left and I think if I had gotten the injections regularly, or sooner they would have worked better. These injections are a mimic of the synovial fluid in your knees. You can look it up on the net. This is just a brief, laymans, explanation. Your ortho surgeon, or Rheumatolgist should be well versed in this. It may or may not help in your situation. As Fantod says - get a second opinion, and don't wait too long.


rcrchick29 - September 9

Thank you both for you advice. It is still hurting all thi time even with the anti inflammatory drug he put me on and that is causing me to retain fluid, lol, so i am ready to stop taking it. I think i will get a second opinion. thanks again


catmom50 - September 14

I have been having knee pain for about 3 months now. It started in the right knee, I went to my Ortho who xrayed and said nothing wrong, probably my fibro. Then it moved on to my left knee. I have just been treating the symptoms, heat and ice and tylenol etc. It is getting better, slowly. But at least I can walk now and don't wake in the night with pain. Just thought I'd add my 2 cents. It is very worrisome at first as when this pain starts in different areas, I am afraid it is something bad. I do check with my doctor all the time when something new starts



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