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kick in the teeth
7 Replies
nutty and toothless - September 9

since discovering the condition fibromyalgia i have felt asthough i have finaly found out what is wrong with me. I have approached my local GP who I have always thought of as an excellent doctor - however he does not believe that fibromyalgia exists and that it belongs in the bracket with ME as being a 'shoddy diagnosis' I have read other peoples experiences such as these but what do we do now - i don't think I have the energy to fight for other opinions and long trips (250 miles to nearest city) to see specialists especially when they are probably going to say the same thing - I feel like they think I'm a bit nuts.


Jan - September 5

From what I have heard, that reaction from your doctor is not uncommon, sadly. But your only course of action is to find another doctor, one who will sympathize with you, and one who does believe in FM.

Good luck, sounds like you will need it :o)


debs UK - September 7

hi there my GP was a bit better but the consutant told me to live my life and go swimming!!!!!! oh boy i was so very angry that i saw my GP who was sympathtic and said that i have FM symtoms and have registared me as this. i dont think a real diagnosis is going to make much difference anyway as there is nobody that will help. the only suggetion is keep fit eat well, but that very difficult when your so dam tired that you can hardly walk. ah well its all in the head then ah!!!!!!! sorry for the synosism but ive had more that my share of the non helpers :-(


Landi - September 7

I was diagnosed with Fibro three years ago. I thought I had the flu, I ached all over, cramping in my legs. etc. I went to the hospital in severe pain, was admitted and seen by a rheumatologist who diagnosed me. I had never met anyone with this condition nor even heard about it. You are not crazy but need to see a specialist. I understan you live so far away to get a true diagnoses but you need to do it. My GP kept telling it was my age and my body was going through changes. Right! I had to land in the hospital before it was made clear to me what really was going on.Try to see a specialist even if you do have to travel so far, perhaps a friend can help drive you there. My experience with Fibro has been it dosen't get better but as the condition progresses I had more symptoms. My prayers are with you and good luck.


tonyab1838 - September 7

I feel for you! I have and still sometimes get very fatigued. I got to the point where standing was exhausting. I know that this is going to sound really hard to do but exercise has helped me. I have a gazelle and use it for 20 min. everyday, no matter how I feel. It has helped with the pain, fatigue and mentally. I still get bad days but luckily I get good days now. I still have pain everyday but I cry alot less now. I hope that this helps. Take care and I hope that things get better. Just don't give up!!


Jean - September 8

I agree you should go that extra mile to a specialist, a Rheumatologist, to get this diagnosed and treated right. Then you can go forward. It will still be a hard road until you find the medication and other possible conditions that might be interrupting your life. You have to take the steps and yes it is exhausting but try to keep positive and work towards the goal of diagnosis, treatment and then feeling better. Once this is done you can start smiling again. :)


debs Uk - September 8

im off to the docs soon i hope that he will still see that im not a mad women and that the pain is so real i feel as if i should name it. iv started to get a runny nose first thing in the morning and when i eat cant pin it on anything. also numb arms and pins and needles are far worse but the tiredness oh boy if i sit down then i nod off.


Jean - September 9

Hi Debs, hope you found out what you can do for your problem. Let us know.



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