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Just wondering??? What were some of your very 1st symtoms?
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RLFORTIN - September 12

My first symtoms were numness and tingling in my two smaller toes on my left foot....It was first thought that I had MS b/c I also have leisons on my brain MRI but then my lumbar puncture proofed negative.
I always thought that PAIN was the first sign of Fibro. Am I wrong?
I have been at this for over 3 1/2 years (trying to get a DX) and was just dx with Fibro about six months ago.


Stacey373 - September 13

Hi Rlfortin -
My first symptoms were major neck problems that turned into a constant headache and migraines. But I also had alot of lower back problems around that same time. I ended up getting cortisone or steroid shots in my back and my neck. And was told I was "cured."
That didn't last very long and then I was having all these problems again. The worse part for me was having to start the "process" all over again to get a doctor to treat me (and believe me) I can't even count how many doctors I went to.

I originally started seeing my new doctor for the headaches and migraines. My friend's Mom has Fibro and I started realizing we had all the same problems. that's when I started researching Fibro and then took all my research to my doctor and was finally diagnosed.

No, I didn't like the diagnosis. I didn't want something that would never go away and will possibly get worse as I get older. but at the same time, it was a total relief to FINALLY know what was wrong with me.

And for the first time I was actually validated. My friends and family never believed there was really anything wrong with me...NOW they have to acknowledge that there was and it wasn't all in my head! (or that I'm just a drug addict trying to get pills any way I can!)

I don't know...Maybe all my problems really started much earlier than that. maybe it started with very small and simple things. But after all these years, those 2 big things are what I remember as being the first of my symptoms. But I also think that alot of my problems got worse after I had my 3rd child (and 3rd C-section) almost 10 years ago.

Take care, Stacey :o)


dannape - September 14


MY very first symptom was the extreme fatigue, barely staying awake at work, at church, at home. I mean, i had pain all along, but at the beginning, the tiredness was worse, now it's a combo of both, legs, back, neck, shoulders, you name it.


deadgamegrrl - September 14

My first symptom was also fatigue. I thought my antidepressant had stopped working because I could never sleep and was so exhausted all the time. It was way worse than depression fatigue had ever been but I didn't know what else it could be. Then I started noticing the pain which I first attributed to the really had workouts I had been doing, along w/Bikram yoga stetching me in different places. I finally laid off everything for about 6 weeks and when nothing got better I knew something strange was going on.



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