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Just wanted my meds!
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I have been on pain meds and other meds to help me "deal" with my Fibro for years now.
I needed a refill on my pain meds (Vicodin) and for the first time was treated like a drug addict! The nurse made me feel like a pill popper. I told her I needed my meds and would go through withdrawls. She told me "You won't die from not taking these medications"! I couldn't believe she said that! I finally did get my meds, but was told I HAVE to keep my appointment and would be terminated as a patient if I reschedule or do not show up. Why do I have to go through this? It is the same doctor I have dealt with for over a year. There was never a problem before? I hated the way I was treated. I wish they could walk in my shoes for one day and feel what I feel!!


Fantod - April 26

I see a pain specialist and this is how they work as well. If you don't keep your appointment, your meds are not refilled. Unfortunately, in today's litigious society you probably have a fellow patient to thank for the way you are now being treated. I don't agree with the way the nurse spoke to you but I imagine they are only following instructions. My advice is to try and develop a thicker skin and comply with their instructions. It is far easier than going through withdrawl. Take care.


axxie - April 28

Hey there inpaindailyjc, I know what you mean, about being treated like you were a criminal because you didn't make your appointment. I truly think that the whole medical community needs to get there head examined. I live in Canada, and was passed by two doctors because I had to rescheduled, due to the fact my father in-law was dying and I had to travel at the other end of the hemisphere. Then I got scoled by my own doctor for rescheduling and told me under no circumstances should I ever rescheduled. When I told her about my father inlaw, she responded that no matter the reason you have to keep your appointments. I was in shock and gave her my piece of mind. As for pain management, for someone who has fibro it's hard, there are days you are in so much pain, that it's hard to be able to get up from bed, how the hell do you keep or make your appointment, is beyond me. These poeple who talk don't know what they are talking about. But I do wish the medical society as a whole change their ways. After all if we weren't sick they would'nt be in business.

Good luck to you


ptalana - April 28

Hi inpaindailyjc, welcome to our fibro family :) Many of us can relate to this very cavalier/callous attitude toward any chronic pain sufferer. Being in pain 24/7 is not something I would wish on anyone (well maybe just for a day) so they could understand a lil bit what we go through with no end in sight!!! Needing pain meds does not make us drug seekers, we're simply in pain. As if going through everything that fibro encompasses was not enough, we have to deal with this attitude from the people we need so desperately, just to survive. I just don't get it.
I often am reminded of what my mother taught me at a young age, responding with honey, not vinegar. This often means swallowing my pride and intelligence at times, but it has worked for me to some degree. I can't tell you how sore my tongue is following some of my appointments
(from biting my tongue). People can be extremely ignorant and hurtful when they don't understand nor accept the implications of living with fibro. And as Fantod has so aptly stated we can thank a fellow patient for taking advantage of the system for the way we are now being treated!!!
My hubby is always telling me that my doc acts dismissive out of frustration, in that he can't really help other than prescribing pain meds. While I get this, it still feels like I'm being blamed for having a condition I can't control and I don't want:( I'm constantly working on developing a thicker skin, it really is sooooo important. After all the important thing is getting the treatments and meds that we need. If it's any consolation we are all in the same boat, just gotta keep paddling ;)
Take care, Patty



Thank you all for the responses. I just posted another forum. I have officially been kicked out of my doctors office due to having marijuana in my system. I did sign a consent form (pain Agreement) and wasn't too worried about it. I figured if they were going to test my urine, they would see I am taking the pain meds they are prescribing me and I would be fine.
Boy, was a I wrong! I am in such a mess!



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