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3 Replies
teresat - March 25

Thank you JJ, I didn't realize you could "google" from this sites search bar!! I would WELCOME anyone who wants to know the REAL TRUTH, put my user name in the search bar. It would be much easier than me trying to defend myself to each & everyone of PETTY LITTLE LIES this group of "LADIES" spew about me! I WILL address the "the Christmas thing" thought!! I was a friend of Barbar's! We communicated outside of this forum! On Dec 18TH of last year Barbar wrote a SUICIDE NOTE on this forum! I tried to reach her via e-mail, after reading that note!! She never wrote me back!!! A few days later her friend finally wrote me & told me that she had PASSED AWAY ON DEC 18th!! Her friend told me that there were MANY NASTY e-mail on her computer from SOME PEOPLE @ this site!! He decide to answer mine because he wanted to let me know what had happened!!! I wrote to every one under the name of "Brenda", because that was the name I was using at the time!! If ANY of you have PROOF that I was lying & Barbar is ALIVE, I would love to see it! I was Barbar friend & If she were alive, SHE WOULD HAVE CONTACTED ME!!! Barbar also suffered from cancer & was not responding to her treatments! She was depressed & I guess didn't have much longer to live anyway! That being said...there is still NO CALL FOR what "some of you" here DID & ARE STILL DOING TO HER & HER MEMORY!!!!! I WROTE (not pasted) the terrible event on other sites, because she was a member there also! If I seem kinder on those other sites, it's because I am treated with respect on those other sites!! Once a member of this site followed me to another site & started in on me there. SHE WAS QUICKLY ELIMINATED! I wish that this site had a way of sending PMs so that way we would not have to air our DIRTY laundry!! I DO NOT deserve the treatment I am getting from some! TCMBY I never told YOU that YOU WERE GOING TO HAVE A HEART ATTACK!!! Read that post again!! I said that typeA personalities were prone to HEART PROBLEMS! I will say again....I ONLY POST TO SITES THAT INTREST ME & I FEEL I CAN CONTURBUTE!! I will continue to do so!


JJ1 - March 27

Gosh, I didn't know you could do it either. Has that always been there?


JJ1 - March 27

OK, I am really sorry I replied to this and brought it to the top. I didn't read anything but about the search bar and got excited because I never noticed it before. Let's just let this die. Sorry folks.


teresat - March 27

Oh NICE JJ! I wrote this Sat & I got excited TOO! I thought someone may be replying to say they understood, apologizing, or just to say they where in my corner. This is the FRIST & LAST time I will address this!! I tried to ignore IT (since the beginning of Jan & everytime I responded), but IT WASN'T going away! Thanks for YOUR support though!!!



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