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TERESA - September 26

I've been reading the other categories at this site & I have found the info in " Alternative Therapies & Self Care " too be quite use full. I have been seeing a massage therapist who specializes in a new technique of massage called the Bowen technique. The adderss for more info is I think it is working. My pain seem to have lessened, but I still having to take pain meds. I've only had three sessions but if this works I should be able to take less & less meds. The goal is to be pain free without meds. I tried a chiropractor but that hurt just way too much!! I was in more pain that lasted for days!! I have wanted to try Yoga but I don't know anyone in my area that teaches it. The spa I go to also has an Infra-red body wrap & sauna that helps. I like to sit in the hot tub, to relieve the stress of the day! I hope that some of this info helps someone!


Amyloo - September 26

Hi Teresa, I also have myofascial pain syndrome (trigger points in upper back/neck) and am deathly afraid of massage. I used to go to pt years ago but it sent me into such painful spasms. Are there specific types of massage that can help avoid pain but help the rest? Thanks, Amy


Kimber2270 - September 27

I am seeing an accupuncturist/homeopathic doctor and am on a sugar-free/yeast-free diet. I am also taking Armour thyroid and a few homeopathic meds for my neurotransmitter and adrenal hormone imbalances. I am not on any pain meds or antidepressants now and have only had to occasionally take Aleve for minor flareups mostly due to stress.


TERESA - September 28

Amyloo, the Bowen tech is not even really massage. Check out that site I wrote above. It's more like accupressure only not quite as hard, I think. It's supposed to send signal to your brain to heal that area. I've only had two sessions but I really do think its working!



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